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Awesome Testimonial | Ashley + Nathan | 06.12.09 | Palladium Hotel
12.29.2009 in Main, Weddings | by Matt Adcock

We got this testimonial a few weeks ago from one of our brides this spring / summer at the awesome Palladium Hotel. Her words are awesome. I'm constantly reminded of the challenge our clients face while planning their wedding virtually. Keep in mind, we had never met and or spoken to this bride on the phone prior to the wedding day, as everything had been done all via email.

Thank you for the humbling message Ashley!


Choosing a photographer was very difficult for me. I had already determined that I would allot a large portion of the budget for photos because in the end they are what you have to remember your day. I did A LOT of research on photographers, I can’t even tell you how many online galleries I went through over and over, but I was always drawn back to Del Sol, for so many reasons. I originally booked Diego one of their associate photographers for the wedding and Sol for the TTD. But right around my wedding date Diego actually left Del Sol, so Matt covered my wedding, which was the best wedding gift I could have ever gotten! The whole Del Sol team was great to work with leading up to the wedding, I know how busy they are in the spring and summer but they always made sure to answer my emails and even my phone calls. About my wedding time they added an office manager, Melissa who absolutely rocks, she will make sure you have all your stuff in order before, during and after your wedding; it was great to have a contact to go to with questions.

The wedding was at 4pm, and Matt arrived in the lobby about 1.5 hours before, his associate photographer went to shoot the boys who were playing pool in the bar near the gazebo. Matt arrived and was a breath of fresh air, it had been a CRAZY morning due to some issues with the Apple Vacations rep... Matt arrived, very excited and started shooting away, I really had no plan for locations to shoot, etc. But Matt had it all under control, he made me feel so at ease and confident, he even tried to get all the girls to smile and laugh, he was great, my grandmother thought he was the cutest thing ever. It was about 8 million degrees on the wedding day, and I am pretty sure I sweated off all my makeup, but Matt managed to make me look amazing in his photos, they shot from all different angles and really captured those moments that I didn’t even think about, moments that you didn’t even realized happened until you look at your photos, these are the best moments.
After the ceremony we headed to the saltwater pool to take some group shots. They turned out amazing, even though it was super windy. I had a few requests for traditional shots and Matt got them all, he even captured an amazing arial shot, which was the one thing I wanted since I started planning the wedding, it is now printed huge and on the wall in my living room. The bridal party and the hubby and I then just headed down the beach, stopping along the way to grab drinks and just celebrate, then Nathan and I broke off to take some photos….I don’t know how he does it but Matt seemed to capture Nathan and I in are “us” moments. I really wanted some photos with the sunset, and evening light such a beautiful backdrop for photos, and of course Matt delivered. These are some of my favorite photos, so romantic I am serious when I say my heart still skips when I look at these particular shots…
Matt and Rodrigo (who was also very sweet) stayed through the dance; Matt charmed the pants off my Grandma. He made sure to get shots of her reading the poem that my Grandpa wrote for her when he was in Vietnam, my mom read this poem at our ceremony, I am glad he did this, they are photos that we will always have of that moment…
Matt is so talented it is ridiculous, I could go on and on…

Post Wedding
Ahhh. The day the pictures arrived. I sat at my desk frozen; I couldn’t wait to see them… I started clicking through the slideshow and tears filled my eyes. It literally felt like I was back in Mexico, on my wedding day..The pictures just brought me right back there. I clicked thorough them hundreds of times, just crying…. My eyes glued to the screen. They were so beautiful and indescribable and you could just feel the moments through them….they were priceless. They still give me the goosebumps when I look through them. I forwarded the link to EVERYONE… peoples comments were the best to hear, most of them commented they were the most beautiful photos they had ever seen, I still get compliments about them 6 months later. I had an at home reception in August after our June wedding and Del Sol worked so hard to get me my photos by then so I could display them. I had 8x10’s everywhere and people were just awed, they would just gather around the picture area, jaws dropped. Wow was pretty much the general consensus. I would just smile and say “I know….”

So you can about gather from this review what my thoughts are on Del Sol….Best decision I made about the wedding (besides the groom) Honestly they will deliver, your photos will be amazing…and you won’t worry about a thing. The talent Matt and Sol possess is truly a gift, and they are so consistent in their work, this is reassuring for brides. Do not hesitate; don’t think twice, the Del Sol Team is the way to go…

End of 2009 a few days in the USA
12.27.2009 in Main, Adventures | by Sol Tamargo

Holidays are always a good reason to travel and be with the family, this year we went back to the US to see Matt's family.

My eyes are always drawn to nature wherever I go, I enjoyed this few days so much!

LOVE trees!! this time of year when many of them are naked are beautiful to me

Sun shinning behind these leaves seem like fire

My one and only LOVE, he's always dressed for the ocassion

Foggy morning at the lake


Matt's pimping out the Alabama clothing fashion

My wonderful mother and father in law, Toni and Phil Adcock

Last night sunset was spectacular!

And I had first row sits to the show :)

And kisses

Today's morning, gorgeous!

My handsome husband

The combination of fog and sunshine was perfect!

I just woke up, I'm happy to be here!

Saludos from Lake Martin Alabama , Matt and Sol wish you a wonderful Holidays and an Incredible 2010!!!

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