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Hotel Esencia Wedding Coordinator Blessing Fiesta | Photos by Matt
09.02.2011 in uncategorized | by Matt Adcock

Hotel Esencia

Esencia is a home away from home for us, we have visited the property/ beach area for hundreds for various shoots of times and been lucky enough to be guests a handful of times. Recently they hosted a party for a group of local vendors and to our surprise in addition to the tour of the property,we were all witness to a blessing ceremony...

Xpu-Ha Beach is the perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony and Esencia wanted to show us how it can be done...

One thing is for sure is that we always have a presence of staff to take care of anything and everything, hospitality is king. The seaside estate concept (just say that 5 times in your head) now try to draw a photo of some imagination or concept... Wow, this really is a home away from home.

Slideshow of details

Rocking setup by Euforia. Thank you Hector and your team for making this happen.

The tour of the Torre, wow 365 view up there. We have stayed there and it is unreal.

They started the mayan ceremony

We had lots of guests...

Blessed by the smoke from Copal

Yazmin de La Mora and her husband Arwed get an herb cleansing.

Mariachi Los Dorados

SUPER Special thank you to Chef Bernardo Garcia and on the right Sr Philip Vidal, the GM of Esencia. Chef and his kitchen staff along with the coordination of Hector Ariza deliver the most amazing food experience EVERY TIME, just a flawless presentation.

Special thanks to Brenda Espinosa who helped organize and plan the fiesta and is an assistant to Philip.

YUM ensalada, que ricos platos! Boutique dining

There are so many details and steps behind every single pate item.. Fine dining perfection

We had a luxury presentation where Chef Bernardo and his team served some specialities.. OH WOW were they concentrating to serve their group of 50+. There were at least 10 people in this kitchen, working in sync and with 1000% concentration.

A table of my friends :)

Beach Details by Artevelas.

Thank you Esencia for your hospitality. Its always exciting to photography at Xpu Ha Beach and to see the smiling faces.

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