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Trash the Dress
Fall 2012 ISPWP Contests Results - del Sol Photography
12.11.2012 in Trash the Dress, For photographers, Published, Awards, Weddings, Published, Awards | by Matt Adcock

Super excited to see Matt Adcock make the overall 6th placement for the 2012 Fall Photo Contest for the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP). There are so so so many competing photographers that we admire in this contest!!!

It is such an honor to say that our entire team of photographers placed images, 23 total images with a total of 4 that were top 5 finishers… amazing work from an amazing team that we are super proud of!!!!

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Our very first wedding in Thailand... what do you think?

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Our favorite Adam & Eve Trash the Dress Session:

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TTD with Elephants in Thailand

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Awesome achievement team del Sol!!!

Del Sol Photography is hiring - Job openings in Paradise
09.10.2012 in Boudoir , Trash the Dress, Video, For photographers, Published, Awards, Weddings, Main | by Matt Adcock

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We are looking for several full time positions. The first position we would love to fill is that of the studio manager.

Qualified candidates should send COVER LETER AND RESUME IN ENGLISH to [email protected]

1. Del Sol Photography - Studio Manager - Playa del Carmen, Mexico - Full Time Position

Do you have a passion for connecting with clients while juggling the demands of a busy boutique-wedding studio? We are currently seeking applicants for the position of Studio Manager.

The primary function of the Studio Manager is to oversee all aspects of the studio from Pre-Sales through Final Production and to be the glue that keeps the organization functioning at peak performance. This person must have a broad perspective of the studio’s Big Picture from Sales and Marketing; Editing and Shooting; Training and Mentoring; Gear, Data and Systems Management. The Studio Manager is the go-to person for everyone and everything. No one has all the answers, but the Studio Manager must be able to utilize resources efficiently, know how to find solutions quickly, and keep the big picture in mind when making decisions. This person must be adept at changing gears on a moment’s notice as well as an excellent communicator, conciliator, negotiator and diplomat.

The role of Studio Manager requires creative problem solving and an ability to thrive in a fast-paced, high-volume studio environment. The successful candidate will be a self-starter who is organized, detail-oriented, developing efficiencies in the studio, forecasting sales, and creating innovations for the entire photographic team. The Studio Manager will report directly to the Studio Owners and work with the sales team, production team, and photographers.

Qualifications (we hope you have some of these) if not, you may be a fit so please write a cover letter and tell us why :)

• BA or BFA in Business Management, Photography or equivalent experience/education

• 2+ yrs in a management role in a medium to large photography or film/video studio OR from a firm that has similar operating structure.

• Experience supervising, training and mentoring employees

• Thorough understanding of Project Management

• Thorough written, verbal and interpersonal communication skilles

• Financial awareness and ability to estimate accurately and manage budgets

• Attention to detail

• Ability to manage time, prioritize tasks and work under pressure

• Thorough knowledge of industry standards and new technologies, including lighting systems and equipment

• Critical eye and knowledge of Photography Theory, Composition an understanding of Edition

• Ability to analyze and apply data for metrics-driven results

• Ability to design studio process improvements and keep up with changing technology

• Ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with a high degree of collaboration and influence

• Must be detail-oriented, organized, and self-motivated

• Excellent people skills

• Design and manage a photography training program that attracts and retains new talent by developing technical skill and fostering creative development

• Working knowledge of Adobe Products: Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator

• Wordpress literate

• Understanding of Apple Software and Hardware and ability to keep an entire team of machines current and serviced

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its a SUPER bonus if you can fix stuff????

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Can you see yourself in an office environment surrounded by super talented people? Driving a team of photographers and editors???

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2. Photographers and Production Assistants:


Interns assist in all aspects of production from event preparation to final client delivery. Interns will work directly with Studio Management for training and the Production team and Sales team for implementation of duties.

Some qualifications include (but are not limited to):

Shoot Prep (Gear Cleaning and Allocation, Photographer Coordination, Information Dissemination)

Post-Production Initialization (Securing Client Data, MetaData Application, Data BackUp)

Post-Production Finalization (Output of Final Files, Slideshow Uploads, Social Media Implementation, Final Client Delivery)

Office Support (Data Management, Software Updates, Inventory)

Assist on shoot locations, carrying bags, flash operator, general grip and potential 2nd camera.

Internship Qualifications

Past interns have come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but a passion for Photography and understanding of Digital Management is a must. Relocation to Playa del Carmen, Mexico is required. Position has possibility for long term employment opportunities. *if you do not live in mexico we would consider housing and a payment stipend*

How to Apply

Send us a resume and cover letter explaining why you would like to help del Sol Photography. Tell us about your passions for photography, what you know about the wedding industry, and your previous experience with Data Management. Also, any links to complete weddings and slideshows for us to review.

Submit your cover letter *spanish ok* and resume by e-mail to: [email protected] with the subject heading "del Sol Production Internship."

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We rough it in tough weather....ususally blown away by it...

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If we are lucky, our assistants get to see rainbows...

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Our assistants see it all... or in some cases not quite everything.

3. Photo Editor / Digital Retoucher

Job Responsibilities:

  • The Photo Editor will be responsible for editing and retouching, color correcting and digitally enhancing images. Retouching can include editing skin blemishes, reducing or manipulating certain body parts, enhancing the sky in an image or removing unwanted objects or obstructions in certain types of images by creative cropping and selective framing. The editor will be expected to maintain a high volume of turnaround, 200-300 images per day and demonstrate an ability to learn on the go and showcase improvement as time goes by.

Salary commensurate with experience

Job Requirements:

  • Must have extensive knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, 1-3 years Photoshop experience
  • Must demonstrate the use of quick key stroke commands to move fluently through Photoshop + LR
  • Must demonstrate an ability to spot technical problems with images
  • Familiar with Apple computers
  • Proficiency with Key Strokes.
  • In depth understanding of Actions and how to run, alter and create them.
  • Color accuracy, ability to catch distracting elements, and the ability to solve both with a variety of tools is paramount.
  • Preferred English + Spanish speaking

Submit your Cover Letter and Resume *spanish ok* by e-mail to: [email protected] with the subject heading "del Sol Editing / Digital Retoucher Internship."

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del Sol 2011 Team
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del Sol 2011 Team

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