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Do you know what happens when you place 2 creative thinkers, a mexican queen and a gringo husband (Matt & Sol) together?  Del Sol is born and totally became possible because a team of very very talented individuals who collobrate on a daily basis to make the wheels turn.  Our spirits are driven even higher by clients who trust in our creative vision. 


We finally found our niche.  We love creative photography and somehow, have been getting connected with clients who allow us to drive our passions down endless highways of discovery.  


We have seen places never before imageined by any of us. Our off the cuff style goes along perfectly with the unique spots chosen by our clients.  


This is honestly our dream job.  We photograph beautiful people living one of the best days of their lifetime throwing a big party for their closest friends, all whom are on vacation, in location that is one of the most beautiful spots on the planet.   All these elements combine to give you the del Sol Experience.  


2008  DEC  
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