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Our equipment:

We use the Canon 5d and the 5d Mark II.  We LOVE gear and due to the high humidity environment, we plan on having lots of backups at every shoot.  We also use Aquatica underwater housings for the 5d & Mark II.

We use LOTS of Canon L series lenses.  We use just about every prime lens & many of the L series Zooms.  Be sure we have two of everything if not a third.  Most certainly, be assured that we use our lenses dynamically and frequently.   We work two camera bodies at evey wedding in order to be dynamic with our coverage.  Simultaneously, our associate or assistant is shooting with us during the ceremony with another camera body.

Our approach to using these types of camera setups helps define the del Sol Photography style.  This career requires a MAJOR investment in equipment and we don't tread lightly when it comes to making sure the very best resources are available.  

One other thing to consider with del Sol is the creative lighting style used by the photographers.  We have spent years writing articles training other photographrs on "how to" use their Flash Photography Systems.

We use Canon Speedlights
We use Nikon Sb-28 Speedlights
Radio Poppers
Canon ST-E2 wireless transmitter
Pocket Wizards
and Video lights.


We TORTURE OUR GEAR too...When its not the near 95% consistent humidity level, its the ocean water, salt, windy days or cave water / mud and the biggest enemy, sand.  This camera died after exposure to water just before this shot...   Its pretty solid to know that we will go to ANY extreme to get the shot. Michelle & Phil's photo from this December session was been published in 2 magazines 2009.  American Photo Magazine, Top 10 Photographers in North America and Bodissima Magazine. We really do try to keep our gear dry, most certainly.

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