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It’s important to realize that every one of these testimonials came from a bride or groom who commissioned del Sol Photography without meeting Matt, Sol or any Associate prior to the wedding day, in some cases planning from more than 5000 miles away planning 100% virtually.

Ah!!!!!!!! I'm in love!!! You guys are incredible!!!!

I was so excited to tell you how I felt about the pictures. Words cannot express how amazing they are. I am so in love with them. Completely incredible. I wanted to be able to look back at my pictures and re-live the best day of my life and that's exactly what I can do. The story, the emotion, the feelings, its all there.... I will cherish them for the rest of my life. Thank you to all of you for putting this together. And an extra special thank you to Vincent! He was absolutely amazing, and so much fun to work with. I want to get married again just so you can do this all over again.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,

Kelli and Ben

Photography by Vincent - The Royal, Playa del Carmen

Wedding Slideshow





I do not have the words to express the joy i have for the great work you guys have done! The Del Sol team from Melissa to the team that was shooting for the day are super amazing people! we are super grateful!
I can not wait to return to cancun and to take our 1 year anniversary pics with the Del sol team!

Mil Besos y abrazos

Thank you again!

Yammily and Aaron

Photography by Matt Adcock and Sol Tamargo

Trash the Dress Slideshow



Good morning. Buenos dias. I am Stephanie's Mom and I just wanted to congratulate you on taking the most beautiful wedding and Trash the dress pictures I have ever seen. Our family, friends, co-workers, just anyone who have seen your photos are absolutely astounded by their beauty. You both are truly gifted photographers. I thank you for making Steph and Ryan's day one we will not forget. When looking at any picture, you bring us feelings of warmth, love and happiness, that will stay with us always.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Hola, ( I love saying that!!)
I just wanted to email you and tell you that the pictures that you took from Stephanie & Ryan's wedding are absolutely beautiful. I am Stephanie's Aunt and I was at the wedding in the Mayan and Sol captured not only their love but the beautiful ambience of the Mayan.
Sol, you definitely captured every aspect of their relationship with each other and their family and friends. I cry every time I see the pictures as I look at them every day. Stephanie has always had a special place in my heart and when I see her all grown up and married it does bring a tear or two to my eyes. I always knew Stephanie was beautiful but you captured even more and with Ryan in the mix they truly do tell a beautiful love story.
Sol, you did a fantastic job showcasing their love.

Thanks again and I will highly recommend you to anyone getting married in Cancun.







We had sooooooo much fun that day and you guys were really able to capture it so well! Hooray!
We absolutely love the wedding photos, but are going CRAZY over these trash the dress photos!

Thank you so very much!

Ryan and I both feel so lucky to have found del Sol Photography. We could not have asked for a better experience, and a better outcome!

Thank you all again!

And of course, a special thank you to both Sol and Rodrigo!


Stephanie and Ryan

Photography by Sol Tamargo - Grand Sunset Princess
Wedding Slideshow

Trash the Dress Slideshow




We just now saw the pictures and they are SO BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We absolutely can't wait to see the others!!! :)

A billion thank yous for photographing our wedding!!!! We are truely grateful! :) An exact quote from Dave was "Tell them that they are AWESOME and I have no other words to describe it. Tell them thank so much."

We love you guys!

Christina + David
Photography by Sol Tamargo - Iberostar Tucan
Wedding Slideshow


This testimonial arrived on 7.26.09.   Catch this - their wedding was on 8.22.06!   Chris & Ashley were portrait photographers back in the day (still are actually!)... looks like they just tested their wedding skills 2 weeks ago.    This is the ultimate testimonial of all testimonials...

Mateo y Sol,

Hi guys! Just wanted to write a little note to say "thank you" for your continued inspiration...

You see, never in a million years did we think we'd one day be shooting weddings. But a seed was planted, waaay back in August 2006, when you guys shot our little wedding in Playa Del Carmen. I remember we originally asked Sol if she was available for that date, but she was just getting back from shooting a wedding in Peru (?) the day before. She recommended her then boyfriend Matt Adcock in Atlanta, who's work we loved, but was a little out of our price range.

And what did you do? Matt ended up flying down to Mexico to shoot our wedding at Sol's prices - with an exhausted, jet-lagged Sol as his 2nd shooter!!!

Talk about going above and beyond!! You guys really came through for us that day - giving us memories we will always cherish. Your example, both personally and professionally, has stuck with us ever since.

Over the years, Ashley would get asked if she covered weddings. We always answered 'no'. It seems silly now, but at the time, it just wasn't something we were interested in doing. However, our experience with our own wedding photographers, and the quality of work they delivered, was always in the back of our minds. Even though we weren't wedding photographers ourselves, I followed Flash Flavor from day one, always learning new things and discovering cool wedding images. I respected the wedding photojournalism style, and kept my eye on the techniques of various wedding photogs around the world.

Two weeks ago we shot our first wedding. We were nervous, excited, anxious, terrified... but we told ourselves to just "do what Matt and Sol would do". We used our own wedding as an example for how we would cover weddings.

I realize this is kid stuff compared to what you guys are doing now. But, considering it was our first, I'm thrilled with the outcome. And we couldn't have done it without your inspiration and online 'guidance'.

Thank you for being who you are. We feel blessed to have met such cool people, even if only for one day. You showed us love and passion for what you do - and it was infectious! We will always use your example as our guide.

Hope this email finds you both healthy, and happy.

All the best,

Chris + Ashley
Photography by Matt Adcock + Sol Tamargo - Villa Tortuga, Playa del Secreto
Wedding Slideshow



We absolutely LOVE the photos.  He did an amazing job.  All of our friends and family are amazed at how great the slideshow is.  We are excited to see the rest of the photos! Thank you!!!!

Julie + Jonathan
Photography by Matt Adcock - 
Maroma Resort + Spa
Wedding Slideshow

I am so sorry we are so delayed on replying to you about the slide show.  It has left me speechless to be honest.  The photos are amazing.  Chris and I plus family and friends have been BLOWN AWAY!  Below I have copied some of the emailed reactions to it so you can see for yourself that you kicked major butt.  We couldn't be happier and I really mean that.  I understand that you are slammed w/ all the weddings you have going on so don't stress over getting the photos up online.  We are pretty patient and the slide show will certainly hold us over until we can see more.  I hope you and the rest of the Del Sol crew are well. Take care and we look forward to hearing from you again.


Brittany + Chris
Photos by Matt Adcock + Vincent Guihard (Associate Photographer) - 
Swan House, Atlanta, GA
Wedding Slideshow


UNBELIEVABLE!  I don't think I have ever seen better  pictures ever.  I'll' take all the black and white. What unbelievable stills.  I can honestly say I have never seen pictures capture the moment like these. Among may great photos is the one with mom, Greg and Milda.  The two of you are very lucky and very special, just look at your friends in the photos and tell me you are not. 

Thank you for letting Vickie and I play such a big part of this event.  Brittany, it truely was one your mom would have been very proud of!
Love, Dad


The pics are fantastic and you looked amazing! Cover of bride magazine and I am not just saying that! It's true!!!

I just looked at ALL of these pictures and almost cried AGAIN!! WHAT a gorgeous wedding and amazing photos. I'm SO glad that I got to go if not for a little moment! It was SO beautiful and you looked SO georgeous and HAPPY!! And Chris is adorable and i got to meet his mother and she is adorable TOO!! 
Thanks SO much for sending us the pictures and call when we can get together!!

WOWOWOWOWO! That is about all i can say. They are gorgeous and you look stunning. oh how I wish i could have been there! Well, at least these great pic's give a window into what the day was like.

OK, so I just looked at the slideshow and I’m in love! I’m so sorry if I offended you into thinking that I was at all knocking your photography or editing skills. I’m just more self conscious of my freckles than you could ever realize, unfortunately. I absolutely LOVE the way they are smoothed out, to which I’m sure was no small feat. You guys never cease to amaze me though, and I’m so, so, so happy with the results J I am forwarding this on to all of my friends and family. I really appreciate (REALLY!) that you took more time out of your hectic schedule to do this for me. It may seem like a small difference to you, but HUGE to me.


I already have friends interested in coming into Playa to book you and I know my blog reaches many other people outside of my circle. So far everyone is in awe of these photographs, none more than Kris and I. Thank you for creating an amazing and unforgettable event for us. You two are superstars!


Brandi + Kris
Photos by Sol Tamargo - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Wedding + TTD Slideshow

I just took a quick peek at the pics on my way out the door, but they look awesome!  :)  Sooooo happy! Thanks so much and please tell Matt and Sol we think they r absolutely the most incredible photographers ever!


Ryan + Kristie
Photography by Sol Tamargo + Matt Adcock - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Trash the Dress Slideshow

Hola Matt y Sol.... or shall I say Morena y Guerro.  :)  We just want to thank you both so much for a once in a lifetime, unreal, amazing day.  We had the most incredible and unforgettable time.  It was all that we imagined and more. We love you guys!!!!!  OH...MY...GOSH.  We are in awe right now.  These pictures are absolutely insane!  We have not been able to stop watching the slide show all night.  THANK YOU MATT AND SOL!  We will cherish these photographs forever.  We can't wait to see the rest!  Perfect, perfect, perfect.  WE LOVE DEL SOL PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!

Kelly + Michael
Photography by Sol Tamargo + Matt Adcock - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Trash the Dress Slideshow

Robert and I would just like to say well done and thank you so much for capturing the very essence of the most important day of our lives! We can not stop looking at the pictures and we can not stop showing them off! We are so excited for all of the pictures to come. We are just so very happy to have this as a keepsake so that we have these memories to last us a lifetime. They truly are amazing. Now if we ever get annoyed with each other or angry with one another we will just look at this slideshow and remember how happy we were to be together forever. These pictures will always bring a smile to our faces! Thank you so much words can not describe just how thankful we are for your amazing work.

Vanessa + Robert
Photography by Vincent Guihard - 
Riu Palace Riviera Maya
Wedding Slideshow


You’ve inspired me to get back to my creative roots.  I used to do interior architecture before I got into Wall Street Finance. Well, once you sent me our slideshows I got so inspired and moved (literally tears) that I wanted people to feel as good as you made me.  With that said,  I went ahead and bought a camera, wide angle lens and few other items but I have to hold off on lots since its expensive!  I aspire to be as good as you and every chance I get I’m trying to go out and shoot pics along with revamping my photoshop skills.  I would love love love to be your assistant and wish I lived or had the capability of picking up and moving to Cancun with you.  I told Sal I would live on the beach and he thought I was insane.  You’ve truly changed my life and I haven’t gravitated toward anything in years.  Thank you, you are incredible and I can’t wait to see all my pics.  If I end of doing anything that is remotely “Sol” quality I’ll let you know so you can critique my work!  I can use some tips!!!!!


Michelle + Salvatore
Photograph by Sol Tamargo + Matt Adcock -
 Maroma Resort + Riviera Maya, Mexico
Wedding Slideshow
Trash the Dress Slideshow

Ursla's father suddenly passed away a few weeks after her wedding.   We decided to publish an additional slideshow featuring more candid photos and special father /daughter dance moments with her dad.  Thank you Urusla & Scott for allowing us to be so close to your intimate moments of joy at your wedding.   Our condolences.

Dear Matt & Sol,
You have no idea how much joy this brought to me today.  Seeing pictures of my Dad at the wedding brings me so much comfort - he had the time of his life!  Thanks to Del Sol these memories were captured in such a candid way that each one brings tears to my eyes.  My favorite, of course, is when me and my Dad are sharing a secret laug
h during our dance...just the two of are right, Matt, it is priceless. 
I will cherish these pictures forever.  These are the last memories I have of my Dad.  Thank you so much for taking the time to make another slideshow for me and my family.  It's reliving these moments of joy and happiness that helps us through this tough time. 
You guys are the best. 
Thanks again & take care,
PS - Say everything that it is in heart to those that you is so precious and short...

Ursula + Scott
Photography by Sol Tamargo - 
Paradisus Riviera
Wedding Slideshow
Father Tribute Slideshow

I fell in love with Sol and Matt's work immediately. I felt that their photos conveyed emotion and captured moments in a way that I didn't see in others' work. I stalked them and when I found out they weren't available for our chosen date, I changed my wedding date to fit their schedule -- it was more than worth it. Sol and Matt are not only adorable individually as well as in a pair, they are an excellent photographic dynamic duo! Energetic, talented, always surveying for the best shots. I loved watching them work! And I loved working with them. They are fun and serious at the same time. And the results! It seems like they captured just about every moment that (for me) went by in a blur and was over way too quickly. They were everywhere and I don't know how they did it.

A couple of days after the wedding we met them for a stress relieving and super fun trash the dress. Since they live in the area, they know amazing spots and are highly skilled at making it look completely secluded even when it's not. The cenote we went to was kind of crowded on the day we were there. They were great and professional and as other people around us were watching, they unobtrusively but effectively cleared people out of the camera's way. I am not the most natural person when a camera is pointing at me, but I felt so at ease with them, and very comfortable. And not just at ease - it was a blast!! We had so much fun and if there was anything we felt like doing, they would take the idea and add to it, so it was a creative, dynamic pretty much amazing experience. I had such a fun time swimming in my dress - I didn't want to leave! My hubby agreed that it was really fun and the perfect antidote to the stress of wedding planning. And the photos - I have never looked so good :)

Michelle & Phil
Photography by Sol Tamargo + Matt Adcock - 
Al Cielo + Riviera Maya, Mexico
Wedding Slideshow
Trash the dress slideshow


I am barely able to type out of fear I will be electrocuted by my tears that are running down my face! LOL! You did the most amazing job and your words were simply beautiful and mean the world to both Matt and me.

I wish I could give you the warmest hug to say "thanks" and yet somehow that just doesn't seem to be enough. Please take comfort in knowing that you went above and beyond our expectations and it us WE who feel proud and honored to have shared in your gift.

My only wish is that you receive as much love as your eye captures thru it's magic lens and live every day with that love in your heart, mind, and SOL!!

You are a friend and a gift!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Teresa + Matt
Photography by Sol Tamargo - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Wedding Slideshow

Oh my goodness!! They are amazing!

You have to understand that I HATE having photos of myself taken (ask Vincent), so to have ones I LOVE is truly unbelievable. I can't believe the emotions and little "moments" that he was able to catch. We are so pleased!

Everything went wrong with the wedding and reception; but as soon as I saw these photos, I called my new husband and said, 'Well, we did one thing right with this wedding. We hired the right photographer!"

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Brandy + Jourdan
Photography by Vincent Guihard -  Riviera Maya, Mexico
Wedding Slideshow

Now, where do I even begin...OH MY WORD, the rest of our Wedding & TTD photos are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!  We've been enjoying the on-line "Client-proofing" photos for the past week, and we just can't stop smiling and staring at them.  As soon as we look at one photo, we get so excited that we end up going through all of them.  It's such a bizarre feeling seeing all of these photos of us, that are on the same level as the original ones that caught our eye from the Del Sol's AWESOME!  It's crazy because that's how it all started, all of those photos on your site were so incredible, that I had to do something that I've never done before, which was sending a perfect stranger an e-mail full of huge props for their outstanding work.  And man oh man, did that ever pay off, because the connection that was made, and the final result were both extremely special.  We honestly have to pinch ourselves every now and then, because we look at the photos and it just doesn't seem real, it's like a big dream still.  So, Catherine & I would like to send the whole del Sol Team another massive "Thank You so much!" for the wonderful photos and editing...We truly LOVE all of the photos!  And you definitely weren't joking about there being a lot...384 Photos...BEAUTIFUL! So, after a week of freaking out with more excitement over all of the photos on-line, yesterday we received "The Package" from you, and all we can say is...WOW!!!  Are you guys trying to kill us over here?  That package is so impressive, the special DVD holder with those great photos, those awesome "Thank you cards" and the actual DVD with all of the wonderful high quality photos...You guys really blew us away...Thanks!!! Catherine & I had a chance to check out the Staff photographers on-site for the other weddings at the hotel during the week we were there.  And all we could think of was how lucky we were, that you decided to be so straight up and drop your honest opinion on us in your first e-mail, about your thoughts on the staff photographers and the type of pictures they produce.  If it wasn't for you picking up on my love for photography, your no BS approach in the e-mail, and suggesting that we take a look at Vincent's photos and book him...My goodness things would have been so different.  The magical wedding experience that Catherine & I, and the entire family shared, would not have been any where close to the amazing level that it was.  We can honestly say that not only did we have the perfect dream wedding, but now the precious memories of our beautiful day will truly last forever, as a result of Vincent's remarkable photos and his magnificent work with the journalism of covering the big day.  It was such a pleasure working with Vincent, and as I mentioned before he's a very special individual who definitely has that special gift as well.

Roland + Catherine
Photography by Vincent Guihard - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Wedding Slideshow

Just wanted both of you to know that Vincent and Diego make a great team!!!!  We had so much fun!!!!  A little nervous at first, but turned out to be our best experience with a photographer ever!!!!  GREAT JOB!!! Please give them our praises as well as whatever reward you deem necessary.  These two men represented del Sol Photography  in the best possible way!!!!  I will recommend your studio to ALL of our friends and family FOREVER!!!
Thanks for irreplaceable memories!!!

Curtis + Shannon
Photography by Vincent Guihard + Diego Lugo - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Trash the Dress Slideshow

Vincent was great to work as well as Diego), and we love the photos they captured of our special day and from the TTD the following day. I’m so glad we spent the extra on hiring a great photographer – it’s so wonderful to be able to relive the day through your photos and I think I would be very disappointed if our photos were only mediocre (I don’t think I even realized how important this is to me until after the fact).
Not only did Vincent do a great job of shooting Alex and I, but he also captured great shots of all the details that went into our wedding including the set up of our reception.
We had a great time the next day with our TTD, and were so happy to have that extra day to take some more photos in a more relaxed setting.

Heidi + Alex
Photography by Vincent Guihard + Diego Lugo - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Wedding Slideshow
Trash the Dress Slideshow

Sol, you are absolutely amazing! You take the best pictures I have ever seen. We have many, many photographers here in Los Angeles but no one comes close to you. Everyone at the wedding has been talking about you, and I have been telling everyone I know here. They can't believe we went in the water in our wedding clothes! It was so much fun, and my dress is still in pretty good shape. You went above and beyond my expectations. I knew you were good from your web site, but I never dreamed you'd be standing up on that post or going under water to get those beautiful shots. I will give you any publicity you ever want, and I'll be sure to go on the wedding web sites and recommend you (assuming you're not ready to retire!). It's rare to have a gift like yours-thank God you found your calling. I can only imagine the work you and your fiance will do together. I hope you make time to plan a beautiful wedding for yourself, but good luck finding a photographer!

Ashley + Chris
Photography by Sol Tamargo - Cozumel, Mexico
Wedding Slideshow

Trash the Dress Slideshow

Everyone that has seen the pictures so far is blown away - they are just amazed at how wonderful the shots are. They will no doubt remember your name when their daughters get married one day!

I will have to admit that I have loved all your work on your website and I had wondered if I had built up the expectation in my mind of what you would be able to do. Needless to say from what I had seen the expectation was pretty high because all your work was so amazing. You have not only met that but have far exceeded what I was hoping for - both of you have. I really could not be more happy.
Thank you again to both of you

Christie + John 
Photography by Matt Adcock - Atlanta, GA

Wedding Slideshow


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