The Creative Sniper

Debora is a Del Sol senior wedding and trash the dress photographer.

Debora is Italian with an Italian father and a German mother. As fellow Italian photographer Martina suggested: “Debora is Italian on the outside, German on the inside!”. Debora loves glamour and is inspired by fashion photography, she is also a technical master who is capable of controlling every element of even the most chaotic wedding day! She has an eye for composition and creation that stemmed from a career working as a graphic artist for an advertising agency in Milan, Italy. Her special skills as an artist also include a career as a professional horse rider. She also makes epic Halloween costumes!

On the wedding day, Debora is inspired by every reflection she sees and is full of ideas for her creative portraits and has an uncanny ability to shoot the most amazing photojournalism moments. She will go anywhere or do anything to make a photograph! Her natural calm and equally out-going personality are perfect for any occasion.

Debora is a master with the underwater camera. Her ease in the water and several attempts posing as a model for Del Sol (with a wedding dress and also boudoir) puts her in a position to be able to empathize with brides underwater in regards to posing, movement and flow behind making the shot.

Debora speaks English, Spanish, Italian and German, but her imitations of monkeys are really what make her the most amazing human to be around. Just ask her, we’re sure she’ll oblige.

Debora is an Internationally Award-Winning Photojournalist and an industry leader in creating breath-taking images of love. You can view her award winning images here:  Debora’s Awards

Debora’s Portfolio

Here are some of Debora’s favorite weddings:
Wedding 1 – at Secrets Maroma
Wedding 2 – at Sandos Cancun
Wedding 3 – At Now Jade
Wedding 4 – At Xcaret

See Debora’s most recent events.

Here is what our clients have to say about Debora:

“Debora was FANTASTIC! I could not have imagined a more perfect addition to our day. She was fun, expressive, and so creative! One of the things that drew me to del Sol from the very beginning was the style of photography; I really liked the more candid shots, which I think Debora was great about capturing. She even used random things, like ribbons as filters, in some of the photos. Some of the guests came up to me afterwards and commented on how great the photographers were. I think one person even said to me, “they were hustling out there!” meaning, they were running around like crazy trying to capture everything they could, which I truly appreciated! I couldn’t have imagined our day without Debora and the del Sol team – thank you for making everything so special!” – Rachel + James

“Eric and I cannot speak highly enough of Debora and Vanessa.  Debora was literally AMAZING and such a blast to work with!  You could see the passion in her eyes and her reactions when looking at her camera after capturing a moment were priceless, she would say “Que bonito!” and her eyes would light up.  Our friends and family kept commenting on how she was all over the place and captured EVERYTHING, but yet was never distracting.  We are thrilled that we chose Del Sol.  Working with Erika in the beginning on deciding which package and which photographer to chose was seamless.  She was SO responsive and friendly.  We cannot thank the Del Sol team enough for making our day even more special!!!”Nikki

“Deborah was amazing!!! Her passion for photography reflected in every moment. We want to thank the entire team at Del Sol for making out special day standout by capturing the most beautiful, memorable, special moments. Ruben and I are extremely satisfied with everyone’s professionalism and the passion each photographer carried that day.” – Sarai + Ruben

“Debora has an amazing artistic eye for catching whimsical shots, she is extremely talented. I was very pleased with how the boudoir pictures turned out. I went ahead and did these thinking about my husband and this once in a lifetime opportunity to take sexy pictures for him with my wedding dress. It’s not often a girl can have beautiful pictures taken of her by such an amazing photographer and so I decided to go with it. I trusted in Debora’s vision and knew they would be elegant and tasteful. My mother loves the pictures I’ve shown her. They are a memory I am so happy to have and it’s all thanks to Debora!”Rose

“Debora walked into my room and into a rushed, pre-ceremony flurry … Due to our hair and makeup running an hour behind, when she arrived I was already quite upset that the relaxed and fun hour of photos that I had envisioned had instead turned into a stressful and frantic dash to be ready in time.  I was disappointed that had happened and felt that I had missed a very special opportunity to spend that time with my family and Debora. I felt so bad that I barely even interacted with Debora during that hour and I expected that any photos of me taken during that time would not look very happy at all. Not at all the way I wanted our wedding to start! Debora dealt with it so well and did not seem frustrated by the situation. I sincerely appreciated her professionalism and calm approach, when I certainly was not.

Debora’s work is stunning so we were excited that she would be our principal photographer.  She and Arube were a joy to have at our wedding, and we totally enjoyed the brief interludes we had to speak with them when they weren’t completely blending into the scene like ninjas!  They both went “over and above” for all of the hours that they shared with us. We are grateful for the opportunity to have them photograph and share in our wedding celebration.  They captured that amazing, pivotal moment for each of us, when I caught Jason’s gaze for the first time as I was walking toward him on the beach.  Facing him on the sand, with turquoise waves on one side and so many people we loved on the other… it was breathtaking. Every time I see those images, I feel it again. Their creativity and passion for their art is inspirational. They both went above and beyond anything I imagined. I have never enjoyed being photographed, but their infectious energy made the experience of being photographed so much FUN! :) We absolutely love our images!  Beautiful, humorous, moving and surprising…they are everything we hoped for, and will always be cherished for the happiness they elicit.Toni

“I was so excited that we were able to get Debora and Martina for our wedding day; I spent a lot of hours doing research and we both fell in love with their styles. They were completely professional and I knew they wanted to focus on Jay and myself as it was our day! I felt upset when we were running late; but Debora encouraged me and told me to not worry about it. She really helped me get through that stress! I wish I could spend a whole day of being photographed by your team, you made me feel beautiful! I also love that the team was willing to take some risky shots, and travel onto rocks (which were quite tippy!) the photo of us on the rocks in the sunset is jaw dropping!!! Everyone can’t stop raving about it, and I know I can only thank such an amazing photography team. Debora caught all of the emotions on a still photograph, I really had tears in my eyes just seeing these! So beautiful. I really can’t express how grateful I am with working with Del Sol. You captured the moments and I can relive them by seeing these photos; you can just feel the emotions by looking at a photo! That is a talent not many photographers can truly brag about.” – Jackie

“My husband and I chose Debora, and we couldn’t have been happier! She was so easy to work with and truly has an eye for this profession. She captured everything for us. Looking through the pictures is like reliving the day; you feel like you’re there again in that exact moment! I am also in love with the artsy photos where she used special lenses and really took advantage of the lighting!” – Jill + Marcus

We really enjoyed Debora being a part of the adventure.  She captured some very raw and intimate moments (as you can tell from me crying my eyes out) that we may not have been able to enjoy had she not been there.  The photos turned out amazing and the day we met her on the island for portraits was a blast.  With Debora’s vision and artistic outlook, these are some of our favorite photos.” – Ashley + Levi 

“I had been stalking the Del Sol page for months and admired every picture. It didn’t take me long to select Debora. I loved her creativity and spunk. When she walked in I felt as if it was a friend I’ve known for years. I gave her a big hug. I am so blown away by your whole business and team and cannot say enough of good things. Debora is an absolute sweetheart, creative genius and like a new best friend I didn’t want to loose. She made us laugh and feel so comfortable and relaxed. my whole family was sad to see them go especially me. I had to give them a big hug goodbye and didn’t want to let go.” Meldina

Oh, Debora. She is full of life and passion! She was SO FUN! I wish I could take her everywhere with me for photos! My guests even noticed how awesome she was. They kept commenting on how she was shooting from all kinds of unique angles and that her personality was so amazing.” – Tricia

Debora was truly a wonderful and talented woman, and went out of her way for us to make us comfortable. We wanted these photos to be spectacular, however, we are not supermodels and have never taken ourselves very seriously. Debora and crew had a way of bringing it out of us, and the results were truly beautiful. (Totally nothing to do with the photos, but this just stood out to me more than anything).. we have a 3yr old son who has a sensitivity to dairy. We asked Debora where we could get some organic almond or coconut milk (not the kind you make piña coladas with…cuz they had that at the hotel lol). She let us know of a store nearby that should have it, but the next morning, she had come and left three different varieties of milks at our hotel’s front desk…(and a couple chocolates for us newlyweds) Photographers don’t have to go out of their way to help us…and Debora was just a cut above the rest. I would recommend them a million times over to anyone. They’re the best! … And not to brag, but we’ve got the most amazing wedding pics I’ve ever seen.” – Jill

“Words can’t even explain how incredible these photos turned out. We LOVE them so much! Our family and friends are just amazed at the talent from our photographer Debora. We are getting so many compliments on both our wedding and trash the dress photos. They are all absolutely beautiful photos that will be cherished forever. Thank you so much!!” – Evelyn + Logan

“I remember what Debora said to me the day of my wedding…” I am invisible”. She wanted to capture every moment as it was and she did. The uniqueness of her style is extraordinary. Her passion about loving what she does shines through her work. A majority of brides are nervous about the big day, especially when it comes to having a destination wedding. I was no exception. Yes, it was my wedding. And yes, it was beautiful. But when you’re caught up in the excitement, the guests, the fun, the scenery – you can sometimes miss the wedding “moments”. Debora capture those moments. I know this reads like an old cliché, but there is a story in each photo that was taken that day. And these pictures allow me to remember every one. Thanks Debora!” – Nike

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