“Of course I believe in love… I’m in love with this Planet” – Karla

Wildlife Filmmaker turned Romance Filmmaker

Karla is known as one of the 6 Finalists in Animal Planet’s “Unearthed”

She was chosen from 34,000 entries from around the world and won the opportunity to be a part of the 2006 reality TV series.

The aim of the show was to find the next generation of up and coming wildlife filmmakers. She competed for one month with the other contestants to make the best wildlife film. She staked out lions on a kill, encountered rhino poachers and slept in jeeps in the (surprisingly freezing) South African winter to prove that she had what it takes! She finished 2nd in the competition but was the only competitor who chose to STAY in Africa!

She fell in love with Africa so deeply she sold her car and everything she had to move to Shamwari Game Reserve, in South Africa. Karla went on to work for 3 years with the Animal Planet team as camera operator, off line editor, writer and director. Her work includes Animal Planet’s “Shamwari: A Wild Life” and “Wild and Woolly”.

Karla also has 6 years experience as journalist, radio presenter and producer for radio stations and newspapers in Mexico. She’s passionate about wildlife and filmmaking and is a speaker at Mexican schools, where she shares the story of a baby elephant that she insists on calling “son”.

Since our planet is 70 percent water it’s obvious that Karla would be a diver too!  She’s an SSI Open Water Diver, Night Limited Visibility and Stress and Rescue scuba diver. She has filmed at MUSA, the Underwater Museum of Art and is the Mexican Ambassador for the film “Keiko, The Untold Story of the Star of Free Willy”.

How did Karla end up in Del Sol Photography? It was meant to be! Karla and Sol met 2 years ago at a Wedding Photographers conference in San Miguel de Allende where Karla was sharing her story in Africa. The ever enthusiastic Sol came to greet her and the rest is history.

Karla is now documenting adventures, underwater escapades and love stories with Del Sol Photography. She was literally thrown into a cenote and beach trash the dress on her first day at work and has been documenting amazing adventures like Pink Romance (coming soon) and Mermaid proposals ever since!

Karla speaks fluent English and Spanish, though her Zulu and Xhosa are mediocre (!)

Karla lists her talents as:

  1. The ability to sit for days in a Land Rover waiting for a pride of lions to come out of the thick bush. PLUS not getting eaten on any of her pee trips to the bush!
  2. Never panicking at the sounds of the hyenas and hippos while camping in the Okavango Delta, Botswana (which happens to have no fences around it!)
  3. Remaining calm at very, very, very close bull elephant encounters.
  4. Being a foster mom to an African Elephant… hey, that required some talent!

Karla has been surprised how well her skillset has transferred to working in the field with Del Sol. She’s fearless, patient, ready for anything, doesn’t back down and she’s extremely good with kids, with or without a trunk.

Her love of nature and her awe of the beauty of our planet inspires her to always be watching all around her. The biggest lesson she learned in Africa was to watch, listen and care for you… care for your Planet. She will make your World, her World.