Al Cielo Beach Wedding

The best advice was “Go with the flow”. And goodness was it true. Nothing can truly prepare you your wedding day! – Linda

A reoccurring theme we hear is that no matter how hard you pin, plan and wish, wedding days don’t aways go how you imagined! In fact, unplanned hiccups are more like happy accidents and often create the moments that make the best memories. Linda and Sean had the funniest and possibly most confused ring exchange we have seen, but the resulting smiles and laughter are one of our favorite moments of the ceremony:

“Our dear sweet uncle announced us as husband and wife before the ring exchange, so pastor Gordon backs up because my beloved husband Sean reminds him “umm…  forgot the rings” to which Gordon replies “Ooops we didn’t rehearse that” and wings it with some clever words. Sean’s brother Paul hands over my engagement ring to Sean and I say “Sean we’re not getting engaged” so Sean hands the ring back to Paul, who replies “what am I supposed to do with this?” … Meanwhile as this is unfolding I’m about to pee in my wedding dress from laughing so hard… well, brother Paul manages to hand over my wedding band only Sean proceeds to place it on my right hand. The hysteria continued. So I say again “Sean, wedding bands go to the left side” and of course I thought – what next?”

Ha! I can’t tell you how many times I woke up in the middle of the night bursting laughing the days after my wedding because of that moment. – Linda

 For sure a laid back location and a relaxed, family ambience helps a ton to keep a cool head on your wedding day and we love the chilled out vibe of Al Cielo:

“Al Cielo came recommended by a dear friend who thought the hotel was a perfect size for my wedding and that it had a combination of finesse and rustic-ness combined. It was a place that I could have a wedding and a family reunion all at the same time. What set it apart was the fact that the manager Andrew was quick to respond and that gave me piece of  mind when booking. Other venues were slow to respond and/or were not intimate enough for the kind of wedding I had in mind. The location of Al Cielo was perfectly private.” – Linda

Special mention goes to some of the amazing vendors that do their darndest behind the scenes to keep every wedding day running as smoothly as possible:

“The Mariachi band was fantastic! – I wish I had booked them for longer. The florist, Pentaflor, was amazing! I worked with Eva primarily and was just ever so patient and kind and I totally recommend Pentaflor! Hair  and make up was from Besos Brides: loads of fun with these two – a married couple from Ireland and just a great experience.” – Linda

The last word goes back to Linda, future brides remember her advice! “Go with the flow. Go with the flow. Go with the flow!”


Principle Photographer: Debora

Second Photographer: Valeria

Third Photographer: Polly

Location: Al Cielo