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  • Trash the dress Belize Ambergris Caye Del Sol Photography
  • Trash the dress Belize Ambergris Caye Del Sol Photography
  • Trash the dress Belize Ambergris Caye Del Sol Photography
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  • Trash the dress Belize Ambergris Caye Del Sol Photography
  • bride waterfall trash the dress workshop San Luis de Potosi wedding
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Del Sol Photo Adventures – #TravelForLove

What do you get from living? What do you value most in life? These days we’re all shifting our focus away from materialism and “things” because we realize what makes us rich is EXPERIENCES.

Capturing epic experiences is at the heart of what we do. Documenting the most important moments in your life with photographs and video. But we do more than document what is happening in front of us – we design, create and coordinate unique custom moments for you!

Are you planning to propose and you are looking for an amazing idea? Do you want to elope and you searching for an epic location? Do you want to find a way to personalize your wedding ceremony and make it unique to you? Or maybe you want to travel with your partner or family and have beautiful travel and art images to record your discoveries for ever. We can make that happen – a custom made adventure for you!

Travelling and discovering our beautiful world, new destinations, amazing scenery, vibrant culture is time well invested. Especially with the people you enjoy life with, the ones that make you laugh, the ones you kiss and the one you married.

Since Del Sol was founded by Sol and Matt, our team has designed and documented a range of experiences. Our focus is on family, friends and weddings, the most significant moments in our lives. We are proud to be innovators in Trash the Dress photography. We are the first photographers to take underwater photographs of brides in the cenotes and the creators of the “Adam and Eve” boudoir Trash the Dress experience.

To celebrate our love of family legacy photography, travel and epic photo sessions, we’re presenting “Del Sol Photo Adventures” Experiences that will make your heart smile, images that will enchant your soul. – Sol Tamargo

A del Sol photo adventure is a bespoke tour from a few hours to days. Working with you we design your proposal, elopement, wedding, travel adventure or portrait session to surprise and delight you and your loved ones. Create and document incredible memories that become part of your family legacy. With you and your loved ones as you adventure through Mexico and beyond. From beaches to mountains to waterfalls, luxury hotels to beach huts, cosmopolitan city streets to the lush jungle. Using our mix of art and photojournalistic photography style, we will document your experience.

Del Sol Photo Adventures are customized to your interests and individual wanderlust! We know the best destinations, attractions, activities, hotels and villas in the Riviera Maya and Mexico. As with any trip or wedding, the planning and anticipation are all part of the fun!  Many times, our guides will be the kind people we meet along the way.

Del Sol Photo Adventure tours are a perfect choice for a proposal, elopement, wedding, travel adventure or portrait session. For a couple, a family or group of friends. They can be a unique honeymoon (or 2nd, 3rd or 4th honeymoon!). Travelling as a couple is always a great way to share a special experience, rekindle your romance and get to know each other in a new way. But no matter who you take an adventure tour with, the experiences you have together will bring you all closer together and leave you with memories you’ll never forget.

What you’re left with after is your amazing memories caught in photos, Del Sol style. Your memories will be recorded as amazing as you remember them. From the pages of National Geographic or Vogue (so leave your selfie sticks at home!)

“I LOVE traveling, I LOVE Nature, I LOVE Mexico! I LOVE taking pictures, I LOVE Fun moments, and I LOVE Sharing this kind of experiences with others. The things I love most motivated me to start offering del Sol Photo Adventures for our adventurous clients. Be guided through Mexico, taken to amazing places, introduced to our culture while creating photographic ART along the way… – Sol

To view our previous Del Sol Photo Adventures including a cultural tour of Havana, Cuba, sailing and snorkeling in Belize and waterfalls in San Luis de Potosi, click here.

Let’s create an amazing adventure! We are FULL of ideas and we’d love to know yours!!

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