Photo Albums

Do you remember when wedding albums were the big thing? In fact, they were the only thing. Our parents’ wedding album contains all their images from the day. That was it: no digital backups. Just one, old-school album with all the memories inside.

Of course, things have changed. Technology has advanced and we love that too. Now we can deliver hundreds of images on a tiny USB! However our goal as photographers is for you to print your photographs and hold them in your hands.

A printed wedding photo album is timeless. The feeling of seeing your photos in print can’t be replaced by technology.

We’re happy to offer you our custom wedding album service. Contemporary photo album design in a range of sizes to suit your needs. Choose your favorite photos from your online gallery and we’ll create a design for you. You can review your layout up to 3 times once again online (thanks internets!) When you approve your design your photo album is shipped by courier to your door in under 10 working days.

Watch our photo album video to see what our albums look like!

Album Features

Our wedding photo albums are printed on professional, luster photo paper and have awesome “lay flat” spreads. A double page spread is actually a single, continuous sheet of paper so you can print across 2 pages without anyone getting their face chopped in half! The pages themselves are thick because the photo paper is mounted on a “core” – strong enough to keep future generations from damaging your album with inquisitive little fingers!

We recommend linen for the album covers as it’s the most timeless and enduring choice. We offer 16 different cover choices in linen album covers and 12 different real leather cover choices. Photo covers are also available but we recommend avoiding dark images for printed covers to avoid issues with wear and tear.

As for size we recommend the 12″ x 12″ Legacy Album and the 10″ x 10″ Contemporary Album for wedding albums to do your photographs justice! For gift albums (see below) and portrait sessions the 8″ x 8″ Mini Album and the super cute 6″ x 6″ Pocket Album are great miniature options.

Gift “clone” Photo Albums

If you’d like to give a photo album as a gift we offer a special price on “clone” albums. Keep your album design the same we offer a 100$US discount on each extra copy, no matter the size.

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