Riviera Cancun Wedding – Now Sapphire – Jessica and Antonio

“It’s hard to imagine beforehand how you will feel in moments like these. They are once in a lifetime moments.  You think about your wedding your whole life: Who will it be? What will they look like? Who will be there? You’re trying to take it all in and you realize it’s better than you ever could have imagined.” – Jessica + Antonio

“Emotional” was the keyword for Jessica and Antonio’s wedding day. No one was afraid to show how they were feeling – totally immersed in the moment and every single person present radiated pure LOVE.

Del Sol: I think I never saw so many people cry at a wedding – but in the nicest possible way! Tell us about the tears!

Jessica + Antonio: “We both tried to prepare by reading and rereading our vows to try to become desensitized to them. But if the emotions are really there, they are going to come out regardless of what you do to prepare.”

“Seeing each other in “Let’s Do This” mode as all your best friends and closest family members are watching is the best feeling in the world and you have no control over your emotions.”

Del Sol: We LOVED your first look / letter exchange, it was a very sweet idea.

Jessica + Antonio: “We knew seeing each other at the ceremony was going to be emotional, and happen very fast.   We wanted to take a little time before the ceremony to sit with those emotions of seeing each other and share those moments in a less structured environment.”

“Our first look created a really special memory of having that time right before the vows to remind yourself why you’re there.  Though all the details of the wedding and the day were perfect, you are there for your partner. That time alone reminds you that.”

Del Sol: For the uneducated amongst us tell us about Malört.

Jessica + Antonio: “Malört is a liquor made from wormwood and it’s at terrible as it sounds. It’s Chicago’s greatest inside joke with itself: a liqueur that no one likes, but everyone loves, thanks to being both a good way to haze newcomers and an excellent measure of one’s character.  Jessica’s dad, Jeff, brought this to the wedding because this was how he decided Antonio was a good guy for Jessica. Antonio actually bought his own first shot of Malört because he thought it was a drink that Jeff enjoyed so Antonio bought them both one for Jeff’s birthday.

“Jeff brought Malört to the wedding to commemorate that moment when Antonio got the dad stamp of approval and to bring everyone together by means of cruel Chicago hazing.”

Del Sol: How was your experience with the del Sol team?

Jessica + Antonio: “Polly was so much fun! We asked Polly to be our photographer because of her unique perspective.”

“They say photography is all about light.  In Polly’s photographs, you see light in many different ways.  Not only can you see the way she uses light to show depth, mood, and color, she also uses the light to show emotion.  That is from the light within her subjects.”

“She has a talent for capturing moments that may not have been seen by everyone, but are the reason the event was so joyful.  To us, that was the most important thing in documenting this special day in our lives.”

Del Sol: Why did you choose Now Sapphire?

Jessica + Antonio: “We chose to look into Now Sapphire initially because of its beautiful location and its seclusion from being on a strip of resorts.”

“We made our decision to go with Now Sapphire because of the pure talent and passion we saw from the NOW Sapphire wedding planning team.  WOW!”

“We initially worked with Anel and then we were graced with the talents of Juan Carlos.  Every wedding he did was more spectacular than the last.  You can tell that he truly enjoys what he does and he is just so darn good at it.  NOW Sapphire and Juan were so accommodating of all our questions and requests. We also had the best wait staff at the wedding!  They made sure everyone had everything they needed and it made the night so enjoyable for all the attendees.  If we had to do this again, we would go to them over and over again.”

“We both really enjoy traveling. We were hoping to give everyone an experience of a lifetime, and I think we did just that! Everyone had a great time making memories and enjoying each other’s company over multiple days in a beautiful location.”

“We try to gather experiences more than things. What better way to celebrate our love than by taking a trip to paradise with 50 of our closest family and friends?” #TravelForLove


Principal Photographer: Polly

Second Photographer: Valeria

Third Photographer: Judas

Destination Wedding Location: Now Sapphire

Wedding Coordinator: Juan Carlos Castillo

Wedding Dress: Essense of Australia from Bella Sposa

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Antonio’s suit: Joseph Abboud

Tux Provider: Men’s Warehouse

Hair and Makeup: NOW Sapphire Spa by Pevonia


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