Cancun Wedding at Hyatt Ziva

Ericka + Justin

Photographer: Sol Tamargo

“I just couldn’t see my life without Justin. We were kids, just growing up. We had our ups and downs, but I always wanted to come back to him. I love him so much – I can’t see my life without him. “

Young love is the sweetest thing, it’s even sweeter when it stays with you! Ericka and Justin met in High School and have been together ever since. After 11 years together, these high school sweethearts decided that a Cancun wedding at the epic Cliff Gazebo of Hyatt Ziva was the place for them to tie the knot.

We grabbed a few moments with Ericka and Justin during their reception and asked them to share their reflections on the day and their own love story.

Del Sol: Justin, talk to us about why you decided on a Hyatt Ziva Cancun wedding.

“I love the views, I love that everybody’s so nice, and the big ass iguanas! It’s a one time experience, and it’s worth it, every penny.” – Justin

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Del Sol: Ericka – talk to us a little bit about what this day means to you.

“This day is so special to me because I’m thinking of Justin all the time. It gives me butterflies just thinking of him, how much love I have for him and how much I care about him.”

“I couldn’t see my life without him, he makes me so happy each and every day. When we’re at home together, any time of the day. I always feel I miss him, I want to be around him, just there with him. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.”

“The love that we have makes me so happy . I can smile all the time – even when I just hear the name Justin, or when someone says his name. Or when he’s in the room and he dosen’t know it but I look at him and I smile. I’m so happy and glad that he’s my husband now.”

Hyatt Ziva destinantion wedding photography

“The love that we share is so strong. Justin’s my best friend. I can tell him anything, I feel so comfortable. Since the first day I met him I felt so comfortable. He made me feel safe and protected and like I could depend on him for anything. That’s what a true man is. And that’s what I have.

“I can’t stop smiling – because now I’m his wife! And I love him so much. Now I’m going to cry, because he means the world to me!”

“when I was younger he brought me out of my shell. I was very shy and Justin just made me so happy. He made me so relaxed since the day we met. And it’s been like that forever. For 11 years now. I’m so happy that he’s my husband that we’re going to start our lives together.”

We are thrilled to have been part of documenting this chapter of Ericka and Justin’s love story. Ericka also gave us this AWESOME testimonial!

“OMG the PHOTOS ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! I’m crying as I’m typing this by the way. And these are EXTREMELY happy tears. Sol and Her Team did incredible job. I can’t stop smiling at every single photo. Del Sol Photography is an amazing company. I knew I would love you guys the moment I seen your photos 2 years ago online. I knew I had to have them for when the big day comes. And “We Did!””

Principal Photographer: Sol Tamargo
Second Photographer: Valeria
Cancun Wedding Location: Hyatt Ziva – Cliff Gazebo
Cancun Wedding Reception: Hyatt Ziva – Sky Terrace
Hyatt Ziva Cancun Wedding Coordinator: Jocelin Morales
Wedding Dress:  Eve of Milady
Florist: Dezibel Event Productions Cancun