Akumal Wedding – Casa Romero Yal Ku – Sarah and Brendan

“Family was a major theme. This was a major reason why we chose to have a destination wedding. I wanted Jack, Brendan’s son, to know that this was a celebration of us becoming a family unit as well as the love that Brendan and I share.” – Sarah

Family love is a theme that we always love to see celebrated on a wedding day. With sharing your love and enjoyment of spending time together as a core you are guaranteed a beautiful day. The caring sharing sentiment was felt in every part of Sarah and Brendan’s wedding. From the circular setup of their Mayan wedding ceremony, to the sustainable veggie bouquets to their choice of venue: the beautiful Casa Romero set on the edge of Yal Ku lagoon in Akumal. 

“We knew we wanted our wedding day to be a very intimate affair. That would have not been possible in the states. We also wanted to use the time for a vacation for us and for our guests as well.”

“Even though there were a few guests we really wish could have been there, we were very happy with the outcome. Thirty of our closest friends and family was perfect, and everyone got along so well.”

“We knew we didn’t want to use a typical resort for our destination wedding from the start. When traveling with family it’s really nice to have the amenities that your own house would have. Akumal was suggested to me by our planners at LM weddings. I thought I was interested in Tulum, but I didn’t want our guests to have to travel far for food, etc. Akumal was perfect because most everything was not too far from where we stayed.”

“Casa Romero was the perfect venue, we were able to book the main house and the town homes next door for friends and family. Each place had its own pool and it was right on the Lagoon. It offered guests enough privacy if they wanted some space, but not far from the main event either.  It was great to go swim anytime in the Lagoon.”

“Respecting nature has always been very important to me. I’m currently working on a permaculture design certificate the focus is to will help people plan their homesteads to work with our land and not against it.”

“The veggie bouquets was a way that I thought would be a sustainable way to put a touch of my personality in the wedding. As I started planning the herbs actually fit better with the theme and color palate, as well as they happen to be even more sustainable. I was very happy with the way they turned out.”

“The Mayan ceremony was originally planned because I wanted our guests to experience something different. As I really learned more and more about the Mayan culture and the ceremony itself, I realized that it fit Brendan and I perfectly. Our ceremony was beyond amazing. I would definitely suggest a Mayan ceremony.”

“I was never the girl that always dreamed of her wedding. So when we got engaged I knew I had to hire a planner or it would never happen.”

“LM weddings did an awesome job of making my concepts turn into reality. Hiring LM weddings was also great because they knew all the vendors, especially since it was a destination wedding.  All I had to do was send them my Pinterest page and show up!”

“The end result was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to.”

“The food from turtle bay was the best wedding food I ever had. The cake was amazing. The vendor who really surprised me was the saxophonist. I didn’t even know his name, nor was I able to really thank him, so if you could give him a shout out for me :) I love the 1980’s genre of solo saxaphones, my favorite saxophone solo is in the song Man Eater by Hall and Oates. I decided to do our grand entrance to this part of the song and the saxophonist killed it! Prob the best “extra” add on expense of the wedding for sure.”

“I wanted Jack, Brendan’s son, to know that this was a celebration of us becoming a family unit as well as the love that Brendan and I share. I wanted him to feel as included in the process as possible. We didn’t want to get married with the focus just on the two of us and then leave on a honeymoon. We decided to have a family celebration and vacation, Brendan and I will have a honeymoon soon. We had a blast with everyone there, we did spend time by ourselves while we did a Trash the Dress excursion in a cenote. This was my favorite part of the trip. It was fun, romantic, and a great bonding experience.”

“My mom. My Mother was the best thing in my life for 34 years. She taught me everything and was my best friend.”

“It was very important that she was apart of the wedding, but I struggled with how to do so that would not make the guests feel uncomfortable, without it being over the top.”

“I saw the bouquet charms on Pinterest and loved the idea of her walking down the aisle with me. The picture was a very young picture of my mom, it was actually the only one I could find in that size, but after thinking about it, it was fitting because she was probably of the age when she got married in the picture.

“It’s a struggle to remember my mother in the time before she was sick, so that picture was a great way of remembering her with a whole life ahead of her, with all her beauty.”

“The shamans did a really wonderful job of incorporating a beautiful prayer for her during the ceremony. I really felt her presence there. At the end of our trip I spread her ashes in the Lagoon along with my bouquet.”

“Polly and the del sol team were amazing. Everyone was super prompt in answering all the emails, in guidelines and explaining the next steps. The day of the wedding Vanessa and Polly were great, they made sure to get all the shots I wanted plus many more. The whole team knows what they are doing and you really get your money’s worth. I don’t think I would change anything.”


Principal Photographer: Polly

Second Photographer: Vanessa

Destination Wedding Location:  Casa Romero, Yal Ku lagoon – Romero Estate, Akumal

Destination Wedding Coordinator: Maju – LM Weddings

Makeup Artist: Trend & Art

Mayan Ceremony by: Eventos Luz

Catering: Turtle Bay Café and Bakery

*NB – I love the first picture in this post, the tribute charm of Sarah’s mom photographed on one of the tables of Casa Romero. I like it because I felt like the painting looked like the edge of the lagoon where there ceremony would be held and I likes that I could put her mom in the location there somehow. I had no idea that Sarah had spread her mother’s ashes in Yal Ku until she shared her words for her blog post. I hope that the photo serves as a serendipitous symbol of this beautiful spot. – Polly 

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