del Sol new Super Toy Nauticam housing for Canon Mark 3

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We have been waiting for a while for this amazing gear to arrive and we are excited like kids with a new toy! We couldn’t wait to take our brand new Nauticam Housing for the Canon MarkIII .

As lucky as we can be living in the beautiful Mexican Caribbean we have been invited to go and dive to Cozumel and as Mateo was busy shooting for a wedding (sorry buddy!) I took the responsibility of baptizing the baby in the crystal clear ocean waters myself!

My heart beats faster, my whole being feels in a state of trance while underwater… thankfully I had the best dive buddy I could ask for and he was watching over me, while I was mesmerized by the beauty and totally immerse in learning the new housing, playing with the flash and trying to capture the magic of the underworld.

After having tried already 3 different brands so far with camera housings, I can tell: Nauticam is the best I have ever had in my hands.. I’m smiling really BIG!!!

After this amazing experience diving in the big blue waters of Cozumel, I promised my self to dive more, It is one of the most magical experiences ever! I LOVE LOVE the underworld . SOL … mermaid from the heart