Dreams Tulum Spiritual Wedding

Jessica and Matt

“Love, like travel, is a journey full of joy, discovery, surrender and transformation.”

We are constantly surprised and delighted to see all the different ways our couples choose to celebrate their marriage. Jessica and Matt’s Tulum spiritual wedding was a beautiful example of how to create your own ceremony to include your loved ones in your day.

“We knew from the beginning that we wanted to do a destination wedding because we are very passionate about experience and adventure!”

“Matt and I both felt very connected to the spiritual vibe in Tulum, Mexico. We wanted to celebrate our love in a place we loved. Dreams Tulum was a tropical paradise with lush jungle, blossoming gardens, and a beautiful white sandy beach. It was the most perfect place for us to come together in union.”

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Del Sol: We LOVED all of your Tulum spiritual wedding, especially the ceremony. You had so many wonderful elements: the smudging, holding hands and having your parents blessing are moments that stood out.

“We really wanted our ceremony to represent us and the things that are important to us. The smudging and the drum beat to open the ceremony allowed us all to center and come into our hearts. We wanted ourselves and our guests to feel grounded and connected to the sacredness within each one of us.”

“We asked our guests to hold hands because we wanted them to really feel like they were a part of the ceremony and a part of the love that was present with all of us. It allowed everyone to open up to LOVE’s presence which flows through all of us and unifies us.”

“Our parents have been such an inspiration to us in our lives and they’ve taught us so much about love and being in relationship…we wanted to make sure they knew how much we appreciated everything they’d modeled for us. We also wanted to receive their blessing on our wedding day so that we may experience the same long lasting love.”

Jessica and Matt included their parents in their ceremony by inviting them to bless them

Del Sol: We loved that you had a loved one, sister in law Katy, officiate!

“As soon as we were engaged I immediately knew I wanted my sister in law Katy to officiate our wedding. We knew she would allow our ceremony to be very special and filled with love. Words can’t express how grateful we are to have had her marry us. She wrote a beautiful ceremony that touched our hearts. One of my favorite parts of the ceremony was when we took a moment of silence to really breathe in and be in the moment and soak in all the feelings of such a special day. It is a moment I will remember for the rest of my life.”

Del Sol: Was there a part of each others’ vows that touched you in particular?

“Matt prepared written vows and before he started reading the written vows he “mustered up the courage” to speak from his heart. It was incredible and so meaningful.

“Matt said he was so grateful to be able to share a love with me that transcends words, form, time & space to a place that only we connect and that he knew I knew what he was talking about because we were connecting in that place right at that moment. It was powerful!”

Del Sol: We loved your first dance!

“We both love dancing. We especially love salsa and bachata dancing. We took 6 months of dance lessons and learned a choreographed dance to a custom-mixed song. It was a lot of work learning the dance but we had so much fun and the process definitely brought us closer.  We felt like we really wanted to “give back” to our wedding guests and we thought that performing a dance as our first dance was a beautiful and fun way to engage with and make our guests smile and laugh!

Del Sol: How was your experience with the del Sol team?

“We absolutely loved working with the Del Sol Team. Valeria and Polly were AWESOME! They were fun and funny and made us all laugh as they were snapping photos. Their moves are incredible; they ran, jumped and leaped to get the perfect shots of us during the ceremony and reception! Their creativity and attention to detail was impeccable! Most of all their personalities are so caring and the process of working with them from start to finish far exceeded our expectations!”

Del Sol: Why did you choose a Tulum Spiritual Wedding?

“We chose Dreams Tulum because they are eco-friendly. Not only was there a beautiful beach but it was surrounded by lush tropical forest and gardens. We love nature and it was very special to have all these elements together at the resort.”

“The staff went above and beyond to make our wedding day and our whole stay at the resort so special. Nayeli, our wedding coordinator at the resort was wonderful to work with. She helped me plan all the details start to finish and made sure everything unfolded the way we wanted it to. I highly recommend Dreams Tulum for other couples wanting a Destination Wedding!”

Del Sol: How was your experience in Mexico – bearing in mind the current travel advisories against Mexico? What advice would you give to couples thinking about planning a wedding in Mexico?

“I would say Do It!! Our wedding in Mexico was the Best Time of Our Lives! We had 79 guests at our wedding and I think almost every single one of them came up to me and Matt and said “this is one of the best and most fun weddings we’ve been to”. Everyone loved that we got to spend several days together before and after the wedding.

“Tulum is ranked #3 safest places to travel in Mexico. We all felt very safe from the moment we arrived in Mexico and the resort was very safe as well.”

“Matt and I used a Destination Planning Specialist & Travel Advisor Sue Surat. She was wonderful! Using a Travel Advisor to help us plan our wedding in Mexico was the Best Decision we made. I definitely couldn’t have planned the wedding without her help. She handled everything from start to finish for us and our 79 guests for all of our travel needs and she made sure we were each taken care of at the resort as well. Working with Sue made the planning of our Destination Wedding way easier and way more fun! I highly recommend this option for others planning a wedding in Mexico.”

Principal Photographer: Valeria
Second Photographer: Polly
Tulum Spiritual Wedding: Dreams Tulum – Convention Center
Wedding: Dreams Tulum – Ballroom
Dreams Tulum Wedding Coordinator: Nayeli