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Excellence Riviera Cancun Wedding – Michelle and Jon

“I have to wear all black everyday for work so it just gradually became the only color I wear. I actually wanted to wear a black dress for this wedding but nobody would let me. Soooo since I HAVE to wear white, I decided to make it the only color!  All this white is so outside of my comfort zone but I’m hoping it will be beautiful!”

– Michelle, speaking about her WHITE Excellence Riviera Cancun Wedding !

A bride in white mostly goes without saying, however wearing white was a big deal for Michelle… and Jon who got in on the look to coordinate! We love to celebrate the unique elements of every wedding we document.Aprt from the color choice the most notable aspect of Michelle and Jon’s day was pure, beautiful family love. Family and friends were for sure at the heart of the day. We asked Michelle and Jon to tell us more about their Excellence Riviera Cancun Wedding – starting off with how they felt suited and booted in white! 

Jon: “Wearing white felt great. Michelle looked so beautiful and I just felt more handsome because she was next to me! Neither of us wear a lot of white, so it was even more special to wear white on our wedding day.”

“I actually loved it! The whole set up just looked so beautiful and elegant. Jon and I like to coordinate our outfits when we go out (cheesy, I know!) so it was important to me that we coordinate for the biggest day of our lives!” – Michelle

Del Sol: We loved that you had your father officiate the ceremony – talk to us about that.

“Family is very important to both Michelle and I and we thought that it would be special to have someone close to us officiate the wedding rather than someone from the resort. We knew that it was a lot to ask of someone but we also knew that her father would do a wonderful job. We are so happy that he was the one to pronounce us husband and wife.” – Jon

Michelle: “My dad was so honored that we asked him to officiate our wedding. WE were honored that he said yes! I didn’t want to be announced husband and wife by someone we had just met moments before. Family is very important to us and it only made sense to have my father do it.”

“Aside from marrying the man of my dreams, my father officiating it was one of the most memorable aspects of our wedding!” – Michelle

Del Sol: We loved that you included the breaking of bread and drinking of wine in the ceremony.

Jon- Being that we are both Christians, we wanted to have a ceremony that would allow us to honor God. We really felt that taking communion as husband and wife was important and wanted to incorporate it into our ceremony.

Del Sol: We loved all your first dances, Jon’s dance with his mom especially stood out as she was very teary eyed.

Jon: As you may have noticed, my father was not present at our wedding. He passed away December 30th 2017 after battling cancer for almost 2 years. We had been hoping that he would make it to the wedding but God had other plans. It has been really hard for my mom with his passing being so recent and I have tried to be there for her as the “man of the house”. It was very hard for my mom to be at our wedding without my dad by her side. We had been planning the wedding for a long time and we always expected that dad would be there with us. As soon as we started dancing she started to get emotional and I was trying my very hardest not to tear up as well.

Michelle: “Butterly Kisses” has always been one of my dad’s favorite songs. He had told my mom during the planning process that he hoped I would choose it because it reminded him of me growing up.

Del Sol: What was the most amazing moment of your day?

Jon: “The most amazing moment of my day was seeing Michelle coming down the aisle towards me. She looked so gorgeous and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be marrying the girl of my dreams on a beach in paradise.”

“Aside from becoming permanently attached to Jon, I LOVED that our closest friends and family also had such a good time! My favorite memory is just having everyone in the middle of the dance floor dancing their hearts out! My heart felt so full knowing that all these people traveled so many miles to be here celebrating with us. I was so thankful to see them all enjoying the party! – Michelle

Del Sol: Did someone write something special?

Jon: “Michelle and I wrote letters to each other to open the day of the wedding. Her letter was very special to me and really reinforced the fact that I found the perfect bride and future wife.”

Del Sol:  It’s amazing LOVE brought you here! Why did you Travel for Love?

Jon- We really liked the idea of having everything being taken care of by the resort and not having to micromanage every aspect of the wedding and the planning. I think that we both wanted to have a more intimate setting where we could celebrate with our closest friends and family.

Del Sol: How was your experience with the del Sol team?

“When looking at all of the money that could be spent on a wedding, I always say that the only things that last from all those costs are the pictures. So when it comes to spending money for a wedding, I wanted to make sure that we had the best photographers because the food and the alcohol will get consumed but the pictures will last forever.” – Jon

Michelle: “Choosing a photographer was the absolute most important decision for us. You guys truly went above and beyond to capture every single moment. We wanted to be able to look back at our pictures and relive the best day of our lives over and over again. Now we just need to find another excuse to come back to Mexico and have another photoshoot!”

Del Sol Photography was AMAZING, from the planning process to the execution. Jon always says that I am incapable of making a decision and committing to it. But as soon as I stumbled across your website, I just knew I had to have you guys!

Del Sol: Why did you choose Excellence Riviera Cancun? What did you especially like and what set it apart from other venues? Talk to us about the helpfulness of the staff, was there anyone who stood out?

Jon: “We were looking at a couple different resorts but my parents had been to an Excellence Resort and said it was gorgeous and the staff wanted to make the vacation as pleasurable as possible. We thought back about how much they liked the resort that we added it to our list and eventually thought it would be the best venue. I think we made the right choice!”

“The Excellence Riviera Cancun Wedding staff  just exceed expectations!! Every single one of them, from the front desk to the landscapers, work tirelessly to make sure that your stay with them is pure bliss.” – Michelle

Michelle: “Liliana (our wedding coordinator) is an actual saint. She was so patient with me and had no problems answering all thousands of my emails leading up to our big day. She handled every aspect of our wedding effortlessly and I was able to relax knowing that she had everything under control. I could not have planned a destination wedding without her.”

Del Sol: What’s your top destination wedding advice?

Jon- Pick the right resort and once you do that, don’t stress too much about the fine details. As long as you picked the right resort, they will make sure everything is taken care of and you shouldn’t have to worry about a thing!

Michelle: I was so beyond stressed out about every detail of my wedding, down to the number of candles on each table. The day of, I realized nothing else really mattered as long as everyone had a good time. I honestly didn’t even look at the table centerpieces once!

“The day will come and go in the blink of an eye. Make sure you let yourself live and enjoy the moments. Nobody will ever remember the number of candles on their table!” – Michelle

Excellence Riviera Cancun Wedding Location: Excellence Riviera Cancun

Excellence Riviera Cancun Wedding Coordinator: Liliana Moreno

Wedding Dress: Abyss by Abby

Makeup and Hair: (Bride) Michelle Williams

Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Flowers and decor: Alquimia

DJ: DJ Mannia

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