Family Portraits at the Royal Sands Cancun

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The whole Villa family came together for a reunion at the Royal Sands resort in Cancun and invited us along for a stylish family portrait shoot. This is a BIG family full of love, seven brothers and six sisters who cannot go a day without talking to one another. They remain super close despite the distance between their homes in Houston, Dallas, San Diego and Morelia, Mexico.

They came into the shoot knowing exactly what they wanted, “classy chic” photos that would show their family bond and their love for fashion. Their outfits were meticulously planned, ladies looking gorgeous in white and men looking handsome in black. They were naturals in front of the camera and even three-year-old Alexa loved having her picture taken.

The elegant reception area of The Royal Sands was perfect for the formal portraits they wanted and the lush gardens of the resort set the scene for more casual (and romantic!) photos. Thanks for sharing your stylish family with us!

Principal photographer: del Sol Associate

Second photographer: Valeria