• Beach Wedding at Hotel Grand Sunset Princess Resort

Grand Sunset Princess Beach Wedding – Raechel and Bobbie

Raechel and Bobby invited family and friends coming from all sides of the globe. Michigan, Arizona, Seattle, London, and South Africa!  How incredible that the first time an entire family vacation together is also the a wedding! Family vacationing and bonding over a wedding celebration is the true definition of a “Destination Wedding”.

“I haven’t seen my family from South Africa in 5 years… 5 years too long… I felt so blessed to have them all at my side on my wedding day. When my grandparents hugged me and congratulated me after the ceremony, they said they were so proud of the lady I had become and wished God’s blessing on our marriage. I was so overwhelmed with happiness and love and joy that I just couldn’t hold in my emotions”. – Raechel

Mexico is still relatively undiscovered by most of the world. It keeps bringing more and more people together for special occasions. We’re glad the universe keeps sending us people who share the same love for this country. Raechel and Bobby gave this testimonial on the effect the culture and beauty of Mexico had on them:

“We got engaged in Mexico a few years ago, so we felt a really deep connection with the Riviera Maya. We were mesmerized by the beautiful beaches and Mexican culture. We wanted to share the love of our relationship and our love for Mexico with all our family and friends.” – Raechel & Bobby

As a takeaway, we always ask couples to give us a “lesson learned”. We asked Raechel and Bobby to give advice to other couples planning a wedding in Mexico:

“I highly recommend that all the wedding guests book their stay in the same resort! The best part about a destination wedding is the amazing bonds. Once-in-a-lifetime memories you make with your family and friends.” – Raechel

Ceremony: Grand Sunset Princess – Sunset Gazebo
Reception: Chill Out Lounge – (Beach/Restaurant)
Primary Photographer: Martina
Second Shooter: Marina

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