Cenote Trash the Dress

Alyssa and Sid

“When we found you guy’s trash the dress pictures, we fell in love with those images. We did not know what was involved, the behind the scenes or how it was done. But we were like: “We want to do that. We want to have those memories and those images. It dosen’t even have to be shared with our friends and family, it’s for us. Honestly, it’s for us.”

Alyssa and Sid truly embraced the full destination wedding experience. They partied HARD in their Paradisus wedding. A few days later they came back for more for their cenote Trash the Dress.

These guys rank high on the adventurousness scale and gave every single moment their all. They got soaked in the rain played with machetes and even stripped off at the end of the day for some Adam and Eve images.

Special mention has to go to Alyssa’s incredible Maggie Sottero gown and the wedding veil that was made for her by her family. The beautiful large skirt made for epic images in the dramatic underwater cave setting. Goes to show – less is less, more is more!

During the session we found a moment to talk to Alyssa and Sid about their Trash the Dress:

Del Sol: So guys, tell us how do you feel about your Trash the Dress experience?

“It’s amazing, the water’s fantastic and just being around natural everything: water, fishes, animals, bugs, all that, it’s wonderful.” – Sid

Alyssa: “It’s a good experience, it’s a challenge, but a good challenge!”

See the full Trash the Dress slideshow:

Del Sol: Why did you decide to do a TTD?

Alyssa: “for me! The pictures are just gorgeous, absolutely beautiful. It’s something I’ve never seen in the States. Since we came here for our wedding… We’re already having a different type of wedding so we wanted to have a different type of photoshoot.”

Del Sol: Why are photographs so important for you?

“I love photography. When you plan your wedding you need to decide what’s most important and what your budget should go to. For us, it’s the pictures. Photographs last forever. Flowers die, food gets eaten, table linens no one remembers them. But pictures, you have forever. Besides your best friend and partner of course!” – Alyssa

Del Sol:  How do you rate your adventurousness as a couple?

Alyssa: “6-8! Oh yeah, I snowboard. I’ve already broken a tailbone, I was in a bounce house, tore my shoulder completely apart, but I think this puts us at a full 10!

Sid: “You probably, yeah – I don’t know… The first time I was in a plane, I jumped out of it!”

Alyssa: “Yes! The first time Sid was in a plane, he went sky diving!”

Del Sol: What’s your definition of being adventurous?

Sid: “Trying new things”

“Oh gosh, I guess my definition of being adventurous is doing something outside your comfort zone. Something that challenges you, something that makes you experience something new and different – which is completely this.” – Alyssa

“I didn’t know what was involved to “get here” I mean, I’m enjoying the experience but it is definitely an adventure and a challenge. It’s something we’ve never done, and I hate to say we’ll probably never do again, but in a good way. We’re doing it for this special, momentus occasion.

Del Sol: Why Mexico?

Sid: “We came here 2 years ago for my cousin Jen’s wedding. It was something that made us fall in love with each other all over again.”

“Just being here and enjoying something totally different, totally new, but together. It brought us a feeling that was something magical I guess. It was fantastic.”

“We figured we wanted a vacation and why not try to do that for someone else – give them the same feelings we felt. So it was a win-win!

Del Sol: You keep talking about new things and about what sharing new experiences dows for you as a couple.

Alyssa: “We actually are on different schedules. Like, I’ll do days but then I’ll switch to graveyards. Sid’s a shift worker and he only has certain days off. We do have our time off together and we try to make sure we’re doing activities together. Be they simple or large or new or new experience we do them together because even though we live together and we’re married, we actually don’t spend a whole lot of time together.”

Del Sol: We know that a Trash the Dress is a significant investment. It’s important to us that we explain to our couples that a TTD is not “just” a photoshoot. It’s really a whole it’s really a whole experience…

Alyssa: Yeah, honestly it’s when we found you guy’s portfolios on the site and we saw all the pictures we fell in love with those images. We did not know what was involved in how to make them or all the behind the scenes or how it was done but we were like: I want to do that. We want to have those memories, we want to have those images. I dosen’t even have to be shared with our friends and family, it’s for us. Honestly, it’s for us.

“You know you do the wedding… well we do it for us! But you also pretty much do it for your friends and family. The Trash the Dress is truly an experience just for us. Photos last for everything, it’s truly magical.” – Alyssa

Principal Photographer: Polly
Wedding dress: Maggie Sottero – Bianca