• Now Jade Resort Beach Wedding, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Now Jade Resort Beach Wedding – Melanie and Tyler

There is a lot to be said in this small quote by Melanie. Just looking at the life in these photos and you can completely identify with her:

We are looking to have a wedding that is a big party! We would like it to be fun, full of laughter and smiles, because that is how we live our life” – Melanie

By the way,  we have big respect for Tyler.  He is dedicating his life to save lives, soon he will be a certified firefighter.  No wonder he loves to “Flow like water”. And from Tyler, here is an excerpt from his vows:

I promise to love and care for you
I promise to be patient with you
I promise to flow like water
I promise to never go to bed angry
I promise to never stop surprising you”

The saying goes “is the glass half empty or half full?” In the case of the champagne pouring photo, it looks like they need to keep practicing to find out. Either way you see it, we wish that Melanie and Tyler’s glasses are always full!

Melanie and Tyler sent us this awesome testimonial, thank you so much guys:

We are both extremely excited to see the final product.

Thanks again for such amazing customer service, we could not be happier with selecting the del Sol team to make our day even better.


Wedding Venue: Now Jade
Reception Location:  Now Jade – Garden
Coordinator: Pilar Gonzalez
Principal Photographer:  Del Sol Associate