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Now Sapphire Secret Beach Wedding – Hope and Jonathan

Wherever I am, there’s always Pooh,
There’s always Pooh and Me.
“What would I do?” I said to Pooh,
“If it wasn’t for you,” and Pooh said: “True,
It isn’t much fun for One, but Two,
Can stick together, says Pooh, says he. “That’s how it is,” says Pooh. – Us Two – A.A. Milne

Hope and Jonathan are adorable couple, so it’s only fitting that they should have a an adorable wedding day – Winnie the Pooh reading and all :) As professional event coordinators themselves they had all the wedding details down pat. A friend officiating, supercte ring bearers, Mexican “lotto” inspired reception decor and beautiful bridesmaids in brightly colored missmatched dresses. Of course they also chose to have the ultimate personalized wedding detail and write their own vows – keeping the adrenaline pumping bu=y waiting til the wedding morning to write them!

“We decided to write our own vows, partially because we said the traditional vows at our San Francisco City Hall wedding in January. They were so meaningful and having that be our legal wedding day, it seemed appropriate to go the traditional way. We felt like we should be more relaxed at our beach wedding. Technically we were already married and this was really just the big party and celebration for our family and friends! We both decided early on that if we were going to write our own, they should be short and sweet and that we would write them on the morning of our wedding day.”

“Writing my vows that morning, with all the emotions, excitement and anticipation made for a great experience and part of an amazing ceremony.” – Hope

“My best friend, Lyssa, officiated our ceremony. We’ve been friends since birth – going on 31 years. There was no second choice for our officiant – glad she said yes! She’s eloquent, an amazing writer, speaker and even read a book about love to get her prepared for the day. We wanted it to be thought out and personal and she surpassed all of our expectations. It meant so much to us that someone that is going to be a part of our lives forever to be such a huge part of the day.”

“I (Jonathan) wrote my vows while we in the room with the groomsmen getting ready. When the videographer made me read it for him I couldn’t get through it without crying. I thought if I can’t get through reading this with a bunch of dudes in a room how the hell am I going to read it with all of our guests. That’s when I decided to scratch what I wrote and say what was in my heart at the moment. All I had was my first line and went from there and look… I made it through.”

Hope had another meaningful detail tucked away on her bouquet:

There was a small dragonfly pin on my bouquet, which represented a huge part of my life and someone I wish could have seen this day – my mom. My papa gave my mom that pin for her 50th birthday. She loved dragonflies and it’s become a symbol of her life and presence.”

 “Also in my bouquet was a sixpence that my brother in law, Randy, gave me before the wedding. He bought one for my other sister for her wedding day, and bought one for me at the same time. That was 5 years ago, I was very single and Jonathan and I hadn’t even met yet. I was so touched by the thought and love behind the gift, and since I wasn’t wearing shoes (you know, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Sixpence in your Shoe”), I placed it in my bouquet for the night :)”

“We are very big family people and knew we wanted as much family as possible to represent us in the wedding. This is why we chose our nephews and niece to be the ring bearers and flower girl. The ring bearers outfits fit so perfectly with everything. And honestly those three are so cute individually, and together it was cute-ness overload!”

“We learned a lot doing a destination wedding, but have two major takeaways. 1. Do a site visit! (meet your coordinator in person, do a hair and makeup trial, a food tasting, meet with your awesome photographer & her super adorable newborn baby, etc..!) We cannot stress enough how important this was. The second thing would be to bring in vendors you “trust.””

This being said, we know what we like and have a strong sense of what direction we wanted everything to go in. We have worked in events for a long time now. When the makeup trial wasn’t the way Hope wanted it, we went back to the drawing board and hired an amazing hair and makeup artist, who made all the women in our party look even more beautiful than they are. When we did our research and saw the work that Del Sol does, it was a no brainer to choose you.

“The photos are what we will look back to when we grow old and we know we choose the right photographer to work with, especially when Ramon said, “oh Del Sol… They are the best!””

“Our experience with Martina and the del Sol team was AMAZING! We could seriously write an essay for this question. When we were first researching pretty much everything for our destination wedding, we found Del Sol and fell in love. Their personal touches, beautiful photos, clear attention to detail and unparalleled way of capturing the best moments made us want to get married in Mexico. We chose Now Sapphire because of all of the beautiful weddings that Del Sol shot there.”

“Martina and Polly – I can’t say enough. You were so much fun to work with and not once did we question why we hired you. Honestly, having you a part of the day made it so much more enjoyable and all our wedding party and guests had a blast with you both….especially when running away from that crazy storm we had! We’ll never forget Martina’s face when she told us, “Yea…we better run for cover. NOW!” When we make it back down to the area we all need to go out to dinner. Mostly to see Martina’s adorable baby but to show our appreciation towards you as well. Drinks are on Ramon!”

“We wanted to get married in a beautiful, warm location and we always thought a beach wedding would be the perfect choice for us.”

“We both love to travel to tropical locations, we got engaged in Thailand and our first big trip together was to St. John’s, USVI. On top of that, we wanted a location that was fun and memorable for our guests. A place where they could relax and make a vacation out of our wedding weekend. We really looked hard for a destination that a would be easy to get to, with family and friends coming from California (our home) to CT to South Africa, with perfect weather in the Spring. Puerto Morelos was our answer!

We are so happy we chose to do a destination wedding, both for us and our guests. Did we mention we love the beach?!”

“We needed a place that was kid-friendly but wasn’t crazy kid-centric and Now Sapphire was the perfect choice. We booked it sight-unseen so there was a lot of research pre-event to make sure we picked the right venue! All of the weddings we saw from Now Sapphire were beautiful, and we could clearly see that they had a very high standard. We read a lot of reviews and scoured a lot of websites and never read a negative thing about the resort and the events that they host.”

“Ramon and Anel were so patient with us and tailored our event down to the smallest detail. From the food to the flowers, everything was picture perfect for both our rehearsal dinner and wedding night. On a similar note, the one thing that really stood out at Now Sapphire was its impeccable service and hospitable environment. Shout out to Caesar and Antonio who never let our glasses go empty, THE WHOLE TRIP!”

“Everyone, and we mean everyone, was incredibly friendly and accommodating and provided us and our guests with such an awesome experience.”


Principal Photographer: Martina

Second Photographer: Polly 

Destination Wedding Location: Now Sapphire Secret Beach

Wedding Coordinator: Ramon

Wedding Dress: Hayley Paige Bridal

Make up artist: Sarah Garnier

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