Allison Dunbar Bikini Model

at the Belmond Maroma

“Mexico is one of my very favorite places – I feel wild and free when I am there” – Allison Dunbar

Del Sol Photography has a badass ally: The amazing Allison Dunbar. Allison is a super talented human and a reflection of what we consider the essence of Del Sol. She’s our Sun Goddess!

Allison Dunbar Bikini model Session Belmond Maroma

Allison Dunbar bikini model – At Belmond Maroma

Playa del Carmen Lifestyle Photography Allison Dunbar bikini model and fashion Allison Dunbar bikini model with pelican at Belmond Maroma Allison Dunbar bikini model

What makes Allison even more special is that not only is she a total smoke show, she also manages somehow to be simultaneously super sexy and down to earth – no mean feat!

Some of the words Allison uses to describe herself are: Silly, irreverent, mercurial, outrageous, brave, comfortable in my own skin, independent, goofy, real, vulnerable, clown, badass woman, feline, unique, kind and jackass!

Sol already had the pleasure of photographing Allison on a previous trip to the Viceroy Rivera Maya and we were delighted to meet up again, this time at the Belmond Maroma Resort and Spa.

“While I was at the Belmond Maroma, I felt the old me coming back. I knew I was strong and I would come back in full force – and I did. So I guess I always feel like a goddess when I am there.” – Allison

“The first time I came to Mexico, in 2004, I needed to escape. I went down to the Belmond Maroma for a month! I had the time of my life! That beautiful beach and jungle setting – it brought me back to life!

As an actress, model and burlesque dancer, Allison Dunbar, is a shining example of an independent and kind woman who is happy and comfortable in her own skin. She also has a wicked and sense of humor and she’s her proud of being goofy and enjoying life.

“Confidence is something you really earn with years as a woman. It’s a spectacular thing to know you are gaining wisdom, and compassion. That will make everyone more beautiful I think.” – Allison Dunbar

Here’s to wonder women, making this world a bright, fun and sexy place to be! Read More about Allison Dunbar’s Films here.

Session Details:

Allison Dunbar bikini model photographer: Sol Tamargo

Playa del Carmen Lifestyle Photography Location: Belmond Maroma

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