“Adam and Eve” Cenote Trash the Dress – Lorraine & Tom

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  • Riviera Maya Cenote Trash the Dress - Lorraine and Tom

“Tom and I meet in the mud on the “East Side” of St. Louis which is known for its gentleman’s clubs.  We love telling this story because we love seeing peoples’ faces when we say that.  The truth is, we meet while doing a mud race.  So no, I am not a stripper who mud wrestles! ” – Lorraine

“When I saw Lorraine and Tom’s request I did my “happy dance”,  I get really excited when we get clients that are adventurous, fun, and trust our vision to create the experience of an “Adam and Eve trash the dress” shoot. Planning ahead to choose the location is important: I envisioned even the kind of light I wanted for this, blue and warm. The photos will be inside a cave where no many people go, so we could have privacy as the dress will slide off. Everything went perfectly, I loved Lorraine and Tom’s fun energy, they were kissing, touching, laughing… It’s so beautiful to see this kind of LOVE :) they are life partners, lovers, best friends”

“Show the work you LOVE to do, and the people that LOVE your style will find you, YES!!!!  My favorite: The fun and the sexy!” – Sol

“Obviously, we have no problem showing off our bodies, we work hard to look this good especially at our age and we are proud of it.  We love dressing up and while in New Orleans for Mardi Gras were called (in a good way, I think!) an “eccentric couple”.  The most exhilarating experience we have had being “eccentric” was our photo shot with Sol.  She took us down a dirt road and the van stopped at what looked like just woods.  When we told friends this they ask if we were scared, on the side of the road in the woods in Mexico, but we were so comfortable with Sol that there never was a point that we even questioned our safety.

“Sol pointed to an opening that lead to this amazing cenote, breathtaking and very secluded.   I knew I wanted sexy pictures but was not sure how comfortable I would be taking my clothes off.  I was so comfortable that by the end I was walking around totally naked and totally comfortable, this was a first and I loved it.” – Lorraine

It’s wonderful when couples bring along props and items to make their sessions more personal.  Lorraine is from from Pittsburgh Pa, most people who move out of Pittsburgh never let the burgh out of them totally, usually by being a die hard Steelers fan.   Lorraine told us fans show support for their team by taking their “terrible towels” with them everywhere they go and have pictures taken with them.  This was a first for us incorporating a Pittsburg Steelers Professional Football garments paired with the underwater trash the dress photos :)

“If I could give anyone planning a photo shot with Del Sol advice it would be to take time planning it, personalize it and don’t rush.  I made my veil hand sewing all the jewels so they would sparkle just right.  I bought so many different outfits and accessories that I brought with me that day to assure I had every thing possible to get the best pictures we wanted.  Of course we only used half of what was brought, once you get there you will just feel what you really want to use. Bring shoes, lots of shoes, I wish I had brought more shoes!

“Bring what ever you want to represent who you are as a couple, but most importantly trust Sol.

When having the pictures taken you will have no idea how amazing they will turn out.  It is impossible to appreciate how great the pictures will be while having them taken.  By the end of the day you will be exhausted, all that swimming in a dress is tiring but so much fun.  We had fun the entire day, enjoying the entire experience.  But remember trust Sol, she has such a flair for life and the work she does.” – Lorraine

Principal Photographer – Sol Tamargo

Makeup – Sara Tamargo

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