• Architectural bride and groom night time wedding portrait inside the arch of Xcaret Park, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Xcaret Park Church Wedding – Alex and Rick

Xcaret will transport our guests into a unique little world, at least for a few hours – Alex and Rick

Xcaret Park is a spectacular venue for a wedding ceremony, and a pretty awesome place for a great party too! Xcaret is known for epic locations and entertainment that weave Mexican history and heritage with entertainment and the beauty of nature.  Of course, pre-hispanic dancers and lots of the ceremonial incense copal are a must for that extra drama! Epic locations suit Alex and Rick – Rick asked Alejandra to marry him in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. in front of the statue of Christ the Redeemer, on of the man made Wonders of the World – gold star for giving a giving a girl a great engagement story!

Aside from the grand gestures Alex and Rick’s wedding day was all about sharing their happiness with family and friends.

Our ideal wedding would be one where the ambience feels joyful. We hope our guest truly enjoy themselves. Besides the fact that this will be the first time the majority of our huge families get together, we want people to feel relaxed, surprised and pampered. We want our guests to feel how special they are to us and want everyone to sing and dance as much as they want. Our goal is for everyone to have a great time! We would like people to not treat this as a one day event but a vacation! It gives all of us a chance to let loose, eat, drink and dance! We look forward to showing our Love and Commitment to one another through our Vows with the people who mean the most to us.

It’s wonderful to know why you choose Del Sol  to be a part of your wedding day, here’s what Alex and Rick had to say:

 I love how you guys stated, ” We love to shoot in the rain.” I feel this statement represents just how confident the photographers are about their work. Nothing, not even rain, gets in the middle of the dedication and excellence of work.


Principal Photographer: Debora
Secondary Photographer: Valeria
Wedding Ceremony: Xcaret Park – St. Francis of Assisi Chapel
Wedding Reception: Xcaret Park – La Isla Restaurant