Barcelo Maya Palace Wedding

Amy + Jesse

“Travel is really important to me. The ability to give the gift of travel to our children fills my heart with gratitude. Family time is scarce in our busy lives and culture. If you don’t put in the effort of bringing us all together, it may not happen. Traveling is a way for us to all unplug from our daily lives, friends, work, technology, and our culture. Travel gives us time together that we would not ordinarily have.” – Amy

Barcelo Maya Palace Beach Family Wedding

Del Sol: FAMILY is a huge part of your lives and is indeed part of you as a couple.

“Our family and children are literally EVERYTHING to me. Our Barcelo Maya Palace wedding just would not have been complete without each child. I want our marriage to not only be a commitment to each other but to our children. I want them to feel that they are connected to each other and to us. I want them to feel that “no matter what” quality that marriage brings to the table.”

“My new favorite saying around here…’No Matter What’…to me it means there is something unbreakable between all of us. Our no matter what moment could not have existed without our children.” – Amy