Romantic Underwater photography shoot

Amy + Jesse

“We would 100% always choose to spend our money on experiences and memories rather then material things.”

Del Sol: Why did you decide to do a romantic underwater photography shoot?

“Seeing the TTD photos on the Del Sol website is what swayed our decision to hire Del Sol Photography! Doing a romantic underwater photography shoot just looked like so much fun!!! The photos are just an amazing extra life-long memory that we get to keep.”

“We would 100% always choose to spend our money on experiences and memories rather then material things. The experience was worth the money without the photos.”  – Amy

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Del Sol: Did you family and friends think you were crazy to do a TTD or were they not surprised at ALL!?!

“We are kind of ‘out of the box’ type people anyways so nobody was too surprised about us taking on the TTD pics! I’m sure some of our family/friends thought we were crazy but in the end they are all so impressed with our romantic underwater photography shoot. What the team was able to capture from a couple who has never done a photo shoot like this before is amazing.”

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Del Sol: How was the romantic underwater photography shoot experience? Was it how you imagined it?

“Del Sol team gave us so much instruction and so much time to get it all right. The pictures turned out way better then I would have expected and the time spent with the Del Sol team went way beyond all of our expectations.”

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Del Sol: Jesse is not a HUGE fan of spending time posing for photos – but I believe he was pleasantly surprised that it was more of an adventure than an extended photo session

“Jesse was originally not so impressed with spending almost a whole day taking pictures. He definitely did it to humour my wedding day requests! Honestly, though, the day just flew by. We had a blast together! The TTD session is SO MUCH FUN!!!”

“Jesse could not stop talking about how amazing and positive the romantic underwater photography shoot experience was once back at the resort. This was definitely a highlight of our trip to Mexico.” – Amy

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Del Sol: You guys included some “Adam and Eve” style photos in your session

“There is no better feeling then connecting with your love and with nature in this way.” – Amy

“The Adam and Eve style photos are just a natural extension of our personalities. Jesse and I are passionate, uninhibited and seek fun and adventure together. We own a cottage in Northern Canada and you can frequently find us skinny dipping in our lake.

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“Jesse and I worked out like maniacs for about a year prior to the wedding so I thought it was appropriate to capture our achievements on film.”

“This was a beautiful moment in our lives. We felt beautiful and we felt SO MUCH love…..and this is exactly what Polly and her team captured.” – Amy

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“I’m so overwhelmed when I look through our romantic underwater photography shoot and see so much emotion. You don’t just see two people in these photos; you can see two people who share so much love, friendship, and passion. Originally Jesse said to me “what are we going to do with these photos”? My response was that I wanted to be able to see exactly how we felt on our wedding day years from now. We both agree that this is what we got from our TTD session.

“Del Sol team captured a feeling and an unforgettable experience on film for us.” – Amy

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Del Sol: What would be your advice for other couples considering an adam and eve TTD?

“For anybody thinking of doing these photos – Just go for it!!!! You will never ever regret the time or money spent. We both hope that this is not a one time experience for us…..hopefully we will see you again in 5 years Del Sol.”

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