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Beach Palace Wedding Cancun – Jackie + Anthony

“My favorite part of the wedding day was finally getting to dance. Anthony and I couldn’t wait for the formalities to be over and for us to have fun and be around the people that love and support us, the people who travelled for us.” – Jackie

The wedding day is of course about joining to people together joined by the people you love. It’s also about good old fashioned FUN! We love Jackie and Anthony’s all-in attitude! Their Beach Palace wedding was full of fun and shenanigans starting in the getting ready (especially in the boy’s room!) From portrait session to party, everyone present gave every moment their all! As a testament to Jackie and Anthony’s awesomeness as a couple, in the middle of all the energy, they kept a special space for the two of them :) We asked Jackie to share her thoughts about her and Anthony’s Beach Palace wedding experience.

“Anthony and I really enjoyed our first dance; it’s amazing how you can feel so alone, just the two of you in a crowded room with 65 other guests. After that, we had a blast on the dance floor. We didn’t have to worry about how we looked or what we said. We could be ourselves and enjoy every moment.” – Jackie

Del Sol: Talk to us about choosing TWO wedding dresses! 

“I LOVED having two dresses. I felt like the two dresses resembled the two different looks I wanted for my wedding. The first, open back dress was the first and only dress I had ever tried on. I bought it on the spot and knew it was for me. The lace train was beautiful and the open back resembled the beach-y feel I was looking for during my ceremony and cocktail hour.”

“After a few months, my mom wanted me to try on a ballgown, as it was something we both always envisioned me wearing on my wedding day since I was a little girl. After many tears, my bridesmaids and mom convinced me to buy the second one. The second dress made me feel like a princess and matched the indoor ballroom and elegant, classy feel that I still wanted my wedding to have.”

“My second wedding dress – the ballgown dress was so much fun and fit our “Beauty and the Beast” Disney wedding song.  Transitioning from the casual, beach-y look to the elegant, formal, classy look was seamless and I am so happy that I did it.” – Jackie

Del Sol: Why did you decide on a Cancun Destination Wedding?

Jackie: “Overall, we did a lot of research on different islands and destinations for our wedding. Cancun was the most affordable place for us and our guests without sacrificing beautiful beaches. Cancun is known for its beaches and tourism and when it matched our price range. We never second guessed Cancun.”

Del Sol:Photography is very important for you. Why you choose Del Sol Photography and Sol specifically as your wedding photographer?

“From the second I found Del Sol Photography’s website, I knew I had to choose their company. The quality of work was incomparable to any one else. The team’s ability to capture special moments was obvious and communication was very important to me. Matt and Polly were very easy to communicate with and they understood my vision as I understood Sol’s style. – Jackie

Jackie: “After looking at Sol’s portfolio, I knew I had to have her specifically. Watching her video showed me how passionate she is about photography and I felt comfortable with how much experience she has had. I set up a meeting with her in person during my site visit and fell in love with her personality as much as I did her photographic style.”

“Sol is exceptionally talented and has a unique shooting style. She captures unique and special moments and highlights them in a beautiful, different way. Her style is anything but traditional and that is exactly what I was looking for. When I met Sol in person, her smile lit up the room, she is so fun to be around, she is happy, hard working, funny and high spirited.” – Jackie

Jackie: “Sol is talented and understood my vision of using different lighting to capture beautiful photos. Sol understood and respected my vision as I did her style, it was truly a perfect match. I hope to forever remain her friend :)”

Del Sol: What is your advice to other brides planning a destination wedding in Mexico?

“Don’t listen to the media and the news. So many of our guests were nervous to travel to cancun after the endless safety advisories and news articles. After their visit, they felt silly for how much they worried. Cancun is COMPLETELY SAFE. Anything going on there does not have to do with tourists and also goes on in many, many cities in the United States.” – Jackie

Jackie: “Don’t sweat the small stuff. Try to remember that this day is primarily about you and your future husband. Understand that with a destination wedding, there will be people who you wish will be there and should be there and they won’t come. Try to remember that your day will go on without them. Trust your vendors. Your vendors have done this before and as long as you communicate with them, they will make your day perfect!”

“Having a destination wedding is overwhelming. Choosing a resort out of the thousands in Mexico is overwhelming. Spend the time to do the research and read the reviews. Reach out to other destination brides and talk to them. Find something that matches what you are looking for. Each resort has a special thing about it.”

“My advice to any other bride would be — DO YOUR RESEARCH. PAY THE EXTRA MONEY.” – Jackie

Del Sol: How was your Beach Palace Wedding experience?

“The beach was very important to Anthony and I, we wanted that bright, blue water on a smaller resort so we can be near our family and friends at all times.” – Jackie

Jackie: “Overall, I can’t say enough things about the Beach Palace. Every single thing about our stay was phenomenal. The beach was never crowded, we often enjoyed the swim up bars all to ourselves. The food was consistent and tasty.The service and food was a priority to us, and many resorts lack the quality of food and service that the beach palace has.

“The resort was safe, clean and most importantly, the staff went out of their way to accommodate you and provide you with the best service that they can offer. The rooms were spacious and luxurious and offered breath taking views. Overall, we were continuously impressed and cannot wait to return.” – Jackie

Del Sol: Now that the wedding is over and you are back on day to day life, how do your photos keep your heart happy reliving those amazing moments?

“Each time someone sends us photos or uploads pictures from our wedding weekend, I want to cry. The pictures are the only way for us to truly relive any of these moments and get to see what our wedding looked like from their point of view. Seeing pictures allows us to go back into the moment and capture how we felt that day.

“I can’t stress enough to prioritize the photography. This day goes so quickly and in the end, all you truly have left are the pictures. Pictures are worth every single dollar and paying a vendor fee to ensure that you get quality, beautiful photos from people with experience and talent is so important and well worth it.” – Jackie

Del Sol: Is there anything that you would have done differently?

“Truthfully, there is not a SINGLE THING that I would have done differently. Every single thing went the way that we envisioned for it to go. We spent a year and a half planning our Beach Palace wedding and thinking of every little detail so closely. Truly our wedding coordinator, Maria Rebeca was able to execute every single thing the exact way we wanted.”

Del Sol: What has been the feedback from family and friends that travelled with you to Mexico?

Jackie: “Our family and friends have not stopped talking about our wedding. Many people said it was the most fun that they had ever had. Our friends are already eager to plan their next trip and I have inspired some to have a destination wedding as well! Many guests were very surprised that we still had a very formal, upscale feel to our wedding while in Mexico.”

Principal Photographer: Sol

Second Photographer: Valeria

Beach Palace wedding ceremony location: Beach

Beach Palace wedding reception location: Ballroom

Wedding Dress: Bijou Bridal

Beach Palace Wedding Coordinator: Maria Rebeca

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