Cenote Trash the Dress – Bharati and Matt

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  • Riviera Maya Cenote Trash the Dress

When I see this two, I see complicity, the way they look at each other, hold each other, play together, laugh and love
…  ahhhh, the perfect match, world travelers and adventurers …
From the moment we picked them up until we said good bye it was non stop FUN and that is reflected in these images.
I feel so grateful for the opportunity to “play” create ART,  enjoy my self doing what I love AND make new friends!!!  Wohooo!… – Sol

What are the chances?  

“Two people, one born and raised in a large and academic family in India; the other in a small loving family 5,000 miles away in England. One, a bookworm and born with every possible phobia possible (Bharati); the other fairly nerdy and happy go lucky who is never scared (Matt). One, a severe hydrophobe (again, Bharati!) and the other who would live in water given a chance (Matt).

“On a planet of over 6 billion people, what are the chances of these two very different individuals meeting each other, falling in love and becoming partners for life? Very, very, very small!

“Yet, it did happen. We met on a hike a few years ago. Several walks, socials and many months later, we started seeing each other and it almost instantly magical. Not romantic magical as seen in Hollywood films, but incredible through the profound instantaneous connection formed between two human beings of completely diverse backgrounds. Through this connection, I learned to face my fears and with Matt’s support, we both progressed to become advanced level scuba divers.

“Like our journey, we wanted our wedding to be unusual and special. Therefore, after having a ceremony in Valley of Fire, Nevada with our friends and family; we decided to ‘Trash The Dress’ during our diving honeymoon in Mexico. Our dive company referred us to Del Sol Photography and just by looking at some of their photos, we felt confident that their team could help us make our experience truly memorable.

“The fun began with getting hair and makeup done at 5 am on a Sunday morning and having a quick ride to a Mexican jungle (near a cenote) with Sol, Being a perfectionist with a brilliant eye for light, Sol wanted the morning sun’s rays to be a key feature of our TTD photoshoot. Sol also had her lovely colleague Polly, who was (by burning a natural mosquito repellent) creating smoke to get the special light effect filtering through the tress in the jungle. It was all surreal and yet a very unique experience for us both. Not to mention funny, for all three of them made sure we were laughing and enjoying ourselves thus making the photoshoot easy and relaxed.

“After a few photos in the jungle and the mangrove, we headed inside the cenote, which was breathtaking in its natural beauty. Sol and her team took several shots of us while in their snorkeling gear and ensured that I, the hydrophobe, was completely at ease! The photoshoot lasted over 4 hours and I must’ve gone in and out of the water while holding my breath and different poses at least 200 times! Sol and her team’s tenacity, attitude and creative genius cannot be commended enough during this entire experience.

“The result? Some beautiful memories and amazing photos which look nothing short of a science fiction movie! They are absolutely incredible and we will cherish both the experience and the images for life.

“Thank you very much, Sol and team, for making our TTD experience a memory of a lifetime!” – Bharati & Matt

Photographer: Sol

Assistant: Polly

Make Up: Sara Tamargo

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