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Beach Wedding At Dreams Riviera Cancun – Tricia And Jake

Who doesn’t have a cute little nickname for their special someone? At this wedding, we spotted a letter addressed to “My Pookie”…. Tricia and Jake planned a first look however they took the traditional element out and decided to do it without actually seeing each other. Choosing a first encounter and doing nothing more than holding hands and perhaps whispering some words and sharing a letter is a MINT idea.

During this first encounter,  Jake’s letter to his Pookie says it all about their love, with his words embracing life to the fullest. We couldn’t be happier for them and wish all married couples would read and share these thoughts:

This is it…. the beginning of our journey through life together. We’ve seen & been through tremendous highs and the lowest of lows. Because of that I know we can get through anything life wants to throw at us and there is no one I’d want to go through this journey but with you.

This wedding was full of big fun down to little details… The ceremony closed with a flurry of colorful beach balls being tossed around. This is a trend we’d be happy to see catch on, as it’s a fun way to celebrate a usually formal exit. One little detail that caught our eye was the cake topper…two little chairs, beachside, with sandals and miniature wine glass. A perfect reminder of what their honeymoon has in store for them!

A moment I loved was when they were getting ready with Tricia’s mom and they all get together with the Rosary for the signing of the cross and her gesture during their prayer. This connection symbolizes many things for this family, mostly an intimacy and togetherness and I’m happy Debora was there to document this special moment, it is one of my favorite “Family Love” moments from the day.  – Matt Adcock, Del Sol co-founder.


Principal Photographer: Debora

Wedding Venue:  Dreams Riviera Cancun

Hair and Makuep: The Best Moments

Wedding Coordination: Elisa Guadarrama – Dreams Riviera Cancun

Jewelry: Elen Henderson (Malis – Henderson)