Cenote Trash the Dress – Underwater Bride

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  • #Aworldofitsown Underwater cenote Riviera Maya Mexico
  • Riviera Maya Cenotes #Aworldofitsown Underwater Bride trash the dress
  • #Aworldofitsown Underwater Bride cenote trash the dress
  • #Aworldofitsown Underwater Bride with parasol cenote trash the dress
  • #Aworldofitsown Underwater Bride cenote trash the dress Riviera Maya Mexico

“The underwater world is completely different from the land. It brings us peace and tranquility.” #Aworldofitsown Underwater Bride

We had a LOT of fun with Concepción and Eugenio. They are a Chinese couple working as translators in Ecuador and their trash the dress team was Matt (representing the USofA) and one of our associate photographers- representing a pretty good selection of the continents of the world right there! We love that Concepción and Eugenio brought traditional Chinese elements to include in their shoot. It’s super inspiring for us as artists to have our couples personalize their session and it gives us a chance to make unique images.

“The idea to do a Trash the Dress came about when I saw a photo in the del Sol website – a groom wearing Converse holding the hand of his bride under the water, by Matt Adcock. The backlight was so breath-taking, it looks like a painting, not a real photo. Soon I decided: that’s what I want for my wedding photo!”

“All my friends shouted “amazing!” when they knew that we were going to do the TTD in Mexico.”

“We have seen many of the TTD shootings in China but none of them was made in a cenote. Everybody was curious and kept asking us when they can see the final photos.”

“It was a bit cold at the beginning LOL, but then we felt comfortable in the water when we get used to the temperature. It wasn’t hard for us to keep our eyes open under the water, but we couldn’t see anything until del Sol Photography lent us their mask to see what was below our feet. The view of the cenote was INCREDIBLY AWESOME!!! Next time we’ll do scuba diving in cenotes in Playa del Carmen!

“When we came up from the water the dress was stained by the sand and the moss, but I cleaned them up easily, now my dress is ready for her next trip! XD”

“We feel really lucky to be born in a country with thousands of years’ history. Although we’ve been living far from our country for a long time but the Chinese blood runs in our veins. The qí páo (Chinese dress) and paper parasol are two typical elements of Chinese culture. They show the virtuousness, elegance, and gentle temperament of a Chinese woman.”

“The del Sol photography team definitely made us an unforgettable trip. The shooting day was full of laughing and creation. The whole adventure is like “lluvia de ideas”. Matt gave us lots of useful tips to make our photos livelier. The staff is really sweet and helpful, I didn’t expect to taste Xtabentún (local honey wine tasting like aniseed). It gave me a lot of power to make underwater photos :)”

Our top Trash the dress advice is to sleep well before shooting, you may not feel tired during the activity but when it’s finished you may fall in sleep once your face touches the pillow… (I slept 13 hours after that day!!!)

We would use the word “WONDERFUL” to describe our trip and we love Mexico! We have already recommended Cancun to lots of our friends, it’s a must-visit country and very safe. Certainly, we’ll go to Mexico again!”


Make Up Artist: Sara Tamargo

#Aworldofitsown Underwater Bride