Cenote Trash the Dress – Elyse and Geoffrey

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Shooting underwater photography is one of the hardest photo sessions we will ever ask a client to participate in.  First, the water is very cold, especially when compared to the tropical heat of the Riviera Maya.  After some time practicing diving and surfacing together, we’re sure all our clients will tell you getting photographed underwater is a challenge (that’s worth it!).

Elyse and Geoffrey have this advice for anyone who wants to jump into a cenote in wedding outfits after their wedding day:

We would tell them to mentally prepare for the trash the dress shoot.  It is important to wait a few days after the wedding so that they are more relaxed.  I would also tell the bride  to wear sexy underwear and get her dress pressed before-hand so it looks good in the jungle.  Also, most importantly, think about what you are really going out there to do and try to connect with your partner.

We love how gowns flow and the reflection of the surface create another world, kind of like a place you’d expect Alice to be visiting in Wonderland. The clear waters of the cenotes provide a cleansing and also fresh breath when you come up for air, with the resulting photos are usually epic. This kind of photoshoot is also a chance for our clients to let it all go. In most cases, we emphasize the intimacy and the romance and take the shoot one step further by taking off their clothes.

I (Elyse) felt extremely self-conscious, especially while other people were around.  I felt extremely exposed.  It was also a little fun to do something I would not normally ever attempt!

We’d like to thank Eylse, Geoffrey and all our trash the dress clients for taking the plunge and letting themselves go!  


Principal Photographer:  Del Sol Associate

Secondary Photographer: Polly

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