Dreams Playa Mujeres Wedding

Stacie + Matthew

A goddess from Greece, in Cancun!

Stacie and Matthew’s Wedding was held across the neighboring Secrets and Dreams Playa Mujeres resorts. The Dreams Playa Mujeres ceremony was in one of the most stunning venues we’ve seen while the Secrets Playa Mujeres wedding reception was a feast for the eyes. Combined with family love and beautiful details we were delighted to be a part of the day.

We asked principal photographer Sol Tamargo to share her reflections on Stacie and Matthew’s Secrets and Dreams Playa Mujeres wedding!

Getting ready bride parents destination wedding secrets playa mujeres

Del Sol: The wedding ceremony location in Dreams Playa Mujeres – OVER WATER – was incredible. You being a water baby and full-time mermaid you must have been in love!

“Having a ceremony being surrounded by water was Stacy’s dream. And it happened at Dreams Playa Mujeres in Cancun. Since she chose her destination wedding at Secrets Playa Mujeres the wedding team could offer her one of their amazing wedding ceremony locations over the water in Dreams that worked for her group size.”

“I had never photographed a wedding ceremony in the middle of a swimming pool so I was immediately up for that!” – Sol Tamargo

“I LOVE to photograph anything that is different.  Any unique twist on a wedding ceremony is exciting for me!”

“Stacie and Matthew Dreams Playa Mujeres wedding ceremony was also a Greek orthodox ceremony. That meant lots of beautiful detail that make it very visually interesting.”

The visuals were one of the most important ingredients at this wedding. It looked gorgeous!!! – Sol Tamargo

Del Sol: The wedding ceremony was beautiful, followed by a spectacular reception.

“After the ceremony we had little time for portraits as the full moon rose from the ocean. The wedding reception was absolutely vibrant. The Secrets Playa Mujeres Wedding team set a stage on the beach where a live band was playing as guests started to arrive.”

“The whole place was decorated with lanterns and table settings were gorgeous!”

Del Sol: You are a specialist for “provoking” fun moments…

“Before the bride and groom arrived I was looking for some “action!”

“The sister of the bride saw my look and asked me: Sol, what do you need?”
“A kissing game” I replied!
And so we started to chase couples for a kiss!” – Sol Tamargo

“The whole reception was happy , loving, kissing.. laughing!!!””

Del Sol: Talk to us about the whole destination wedding Dreams Playa Mujeres experience – and how Secrets and Dreams work together to become one amazing Cancun wedding venue.

“I’m deeply grateful for the incredible wedding planners at Secrets and Dreams Playa Mujeres. The whole team worked so hard lot to make this wedding happen with so much love and detail.”

“The destination wedding Secrets Playa Mujeres experience is incredible. Luxury in a chic, contemporary setting with an amazing beach” – Sol Tamargo

“The organization is really interesting. The wedding was actually held between the Secrets (adults only) and Dreams (family friendly) resorts. You can walk from one to the other easily. Secrets guests also have the option to use the Dreams restaurants and facilities – more choice!”

“Since Dreams and Secrets Playa Mujeres are north of Cancun, away from the city, you feel far from everything and the beaches are basically private – an amazing location!”