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Destination Wedding at Secrets Playa Mujeres Resort – Ginny and Chao

In psychology,  a first impression or first look is the event when one person first encounters another and forms a mental image of that person.  That first impression can turn into an instant crush or “love at first sight”.  That could have been the case for Ginny & Chao’s love story when they met in High School. But, the best things in life come at the perfect time and it took more than 10 years for them to realize that they were meant to be together.

Although they didn’t have the thunderbolt of love at first sight in their school days Ginny and Chao experienced it on their wedding day, not least of all because their first look nearly happened too soon!

Chao ALMOST saw my dress when he got the “red light” at customs in the Cancun Airport! He was wheeling all our luggage and when the officer was opening the suitcase containing the dress, she said to Chao “Don’t look!” I thought that was hilarious – Ginny

What are the chances of getting an accidental first look at the gown in airport customs! The wedding dress is a closely guarded secret and of ultimate importance to the wedding day, so much so that Ginny picked her Vera Wang gown before the venue!

Despite the close call at the airport, the first look went just as planned. It was a big moment for Chao! You can tell from his face he was anticipating that exact moment.

Until our first look, I had not seen the dress before. When I saw her in the dress it was a very touching moment because she looked absolutely stunning – Chao

While they may not have had that “first look experience” when they met,  we are happy to have witnessed this first look moment on the most important day of their lives. Thanks guys for being so amazing… and thanks Chao for wearing those epic pink socks.