• Destination Wedding Photography at Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun

Now Sapphire Resort Beach Wedding – Elina and Tom

Being world travelers, Elina and Tom must have had a long list of destinations for their dream wedding. They took a trip to Prague and Tom proposed (with a custom designed ring!) on the famous “Charles Bridge” or as they refer to it as “Our bridge”. We’re thankful for their love of traveling and for bringing their entire family on a journey to marry in Mexico!

We love this note on their wedding website from Elina’s mom:

Little Elya! You you’re going to marry, but you don‘t have to grow up!  – Your Parents.

In Elina’s journey for a dress she discovered two and loved each of them, so she just had to have both! For the evening, she busted out a flowing, layered dress that looked amazing on the dance floor.

These pictures really show the subtle nuances and the fun moments of family love and friends simply enjoying each other.  As I go through the slideshow, I am reminded how much everyone smiled and laughed out loud as the day went by.  Photographing family love is an honor and one of the most amazing dream jobs.  Thank you Elina and Tom and all your family and friends for this time with you. – Martina


Primary Photographer: Martina

Second Photographer: Debora

Wedding Venue: Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun

Wedding Coordination: Juan Carlos Castillo