German-Korean Wedding at Live Aqua Cancun – Jessika and Edwin

The Cancun wedding of Jessika and Edwin was a multi-cultural celebration of love! Their story began with a connection on MySpace (remember MySpace?) and led them to the sandy aisle at the Live Aqua Cancun. German Jessika and Korean Edwin brought together their family and friends from all over to join them on their wedding day in paradise. On a bright sunny day, the couple tied the knot on the beach in a moving ceremony witnessed by their loved ones and the guests in the Live Aqua pool. After a portrait shoot on the beach, Jessika and Edwin changed into traditional Korean costume for the “paebaek” bowing ceremony, the formal acceptance of the bride into the groom’s family. It was a true pleasure to witness and capture these moments, the costumes were bright and colorful and the smiles on their faces a testament to their true love. The newlyweds changed back into their beach wedding whites for the reception, where wedding coordinator Silvia Vergara had put together a grand dinner and party. The flowers by Maya Diseno Floral were gorgeous, big arrangements of glorious orange roses! It was a dynamic and energetic party, the dance floor was on fire, we even saw some breakdancing moves that we haven’t seen in years!

Photographer Sol was there to capture the love and fun, she shared these thoughts with us:

“Multicultural weddings are always special, I’ve done lots of weddings but had never seen a Korean Ceremony before. How fun!! I loved the part where the family throws dates on the piece of fabric the bride and groom are holding and the dates that land on it will become babies!! Hehe, lots of babies for these two!!! Emotional, interesting and if you think you can dance you should dance with Korean people…holy!!!.. They can dance!! LOVED it!!!

Please be sure to see the whole slideshow, this was a super fun event! Del Sol Photography wishes Jessika and Edwin Viel Glück, 행운을 빌어 요 and good luck for a long and happy life together!

Principal photographer: Sol

Second photographer: Debora

June 21st, 2014, wedding