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Hyatt Ziva Cancun Cliff Gazebo Wedding – Michelle + Adam

“My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep. The more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite.”

“We have been traveling to Cancun for the past 5 years and it’s became our favorite vacation spot.  The weather, the beautiful color of the water and the hotels we have stayed at have all been amazing.  When we got engaged Adam surprised me with a trip to Cancun at the Hyatt Ziva the very next morning.  Ever since then we were talking about how awesome it would be to have all of our closest family and friends in Cancun with us. We couldn’t think of a better way to get them there than our wedding!”

“Celebrating our love with our closest loved ones at the vacation spot we love was absolute perfection!  You dream of how you want your wedding to be and in our case it turned out better than we could have ever dreamed of!” #TravelforLove

“I was really inspired to do something different as a wedding day gift for Adam. Something he would never think I would do. I wanted him to be completely surprised and shocked. What better way to do that than boudoir pictures?!?!  No watch or other gift would have gotten that kind of reaction.” – Michelle

“It’s funny because Michelle is not good at keeping secrets. I usually always know what she’s getting me for gifts on my birthday or Christmas, but this time I had no clue!  I was trying to figure it out but she did a good job of hiding it.” – Adam

“On a scale of 1-10 my level of surprise was 100!  The second I opened the cover it took my breath away! ” – Adam

“Michelle is absolutely stunning no matter if she’s just waking up in her PJ’s or when she gets dressed up for a special occasion, but seeing these boudoir photos reminded me that I am the luckiest man alive to have her as my wife :)”

“When we were going through our wedding checklist one of the most important things was finding the right person to officiate the wedding.  We wanted someone who knew both of us and our relationship.”

“Tianna Leigh was the absolute perfect person for us. She’s been a very close friend throughout our 7 year relationship.  She has such an amazing way with words and truly believes in the meaning of love.  There was no other choice because she was the perfect friend for this special occasion.”

“What more could we ask for than having one of our Best Friends personalize the ceremony and make it uniquely ours. Tianna did an unbelievable job officiating and telling our love story.”

“Our wedding took place over looking one of, if not the best ocean view in Cancun. Tianna’s reading showed how much thought she put into the ceremony. It was about was about Love, and how it’s similar the sea: “It’s in constant change, motion and evolution, forever adapting to it’s environment.  And yet, like love, the sea is ancient and unchanging.”

“We don’t think there is a more perfect location for a wedding in Cancun than the gazebo cliff  at the Hyatt Ziva.  It overlooks the the beautiful blue ocean at the very tip of the hotel zone. You are literally surrounded by the ocean.  It’s truly breathtaking.”

We didn’t know about the Hyatt Ziva until the very last minute… We always stay at Hyatt Zilara so when we found out about the Hyatt Ziva it was meant to be!  It’s a combination of the resort staff and how beautiful the property is. We wanted to have our wedding at the Hyatt Zilara initially but because that is an adults only resort we couldn’t… We were pretty bummed out so we started looking at other venues.  We were literally just getting ready to sign the contract with another resort when I got a brochure from Hyatt about a brand new family resort Hyatt Ziva Cancun, opening soon.  

“Before even looking into the hotel we decided then and there. We were going to have our destination wedding at Hyatt Ziva Cancun!  We knew how amazing the Zilara was and figured a brand new Hyatt hotel where we could have kids would be perfect.”

“Our experience with Debora and the rest of the team was absolutely amazing.  We couldn’t be happier with our choice to use them to capture our special day.  After seeing Debora’s creative eye for photography on the Del Sol website we had to use her for our wedding and trash the dress session.”

“One of the best parts of the experience was the personality that Debora and the team brought.   She made the experience so much fun and unforgettable.”

“We had several compliments from our guests about how great Debora was.  We were able to talk and get to know her story on the way to our trash the dress. That was really nice for us because she wasn’t just some person taking our photos. She talked to us about her passion for “sniping” the perfect moments and why she’s so passionate about what she does.  One of the things we loved most about Debora were her reactions to the photos she captured. We knew she was getting some great photos when she was saying things like “OH MY GOSH!” It was priceless.”

“Sassy (our dog) is our little baby. We wish she could have been there for our wedding but we knew that wasn’t going to happen.  Well Debora surprised us and made it happen. (She found a picture of Sassy on Instagram, saved it to her phone and photographed her “in” the reception.) During the wedding reception she came up to our table and showed us the picture on her camera. It instantly brought smiles to our faces.

“Oh my god that was so precious and meant a lot to us.  It was perfect!  It shows how thoughtful and creative she is. Thank you so much Debora!”

“Several friends who told us if they could do it again, instead of a huge local wedding they’d have a destination wedding.  We were going back and forth but we decided ultimately we wanted a destination wedding.”

“If we had to give some top destination wedding advice it would be: have a destination wedding!”

“Give yourself and your guests plenty of time to plan for the trip. Give them opportunity to make their own vacation out of it.  We’ve had so many people tell us that this was the best wedding and vacation they’ve ever been on.  Try not to stress about the little details of the wedding. Once you get there and are with your loved ones you’ll have the time of your life.  It flies by so fast but was unforgettable.”

“Live in the moment and take it all in. It will be one of the most fun and happiest times of your life.”

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Principal Photographer: Del Sol Associate

Second Photographer: Vanessa

Destination Wedding Location: Hyatt Ziva Cancun – Cliff Gazebo

Reception Location: Hyatt Ziva Cancun – Sky Terrace

Gown Boutique: Michelle Roth – Kleinfelds

Michelles’s shoes: Badgley Mischka

Decor: Love Memories

Special shout out to Adam’s custom Nikes and U of A cufflinks :): Michelle told us: “Adam is a crazy die hard fan of the University of Arizona basketball team. When we were planning our wedding the only dates he said we couldn’t choose were during March because of the NCAA March Madness.  So I surprised him with the U of A cuff links for his birthday.  The shoes that said groom on them were part of the gifts that he got for his groomsmen.  All of his groomsmen are fans of Arizona as well so he had them made for each of his groomsmen with their specific nickname on the back of the shoes and of course he had to get his own pair that said “groom”.

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