Isla Mujeres Lesbian Wedding

Shay + Michelle

“Women are at the center of our universe. Each of our siblings are women, and all of our sisters stood by us during our ceremony. Of the other beautiful women that stood by us, some are wives and some are mothers. All are uniquely woman.”

Where do we start with all the beauty of this STUNNING Isla Mujeres Lesbian Wedding? The brides Michelle and Shay, the blond and brunette… truly 2 different but complementary halves of one whole. Watching them see each other in their first look at Hotel Privilege Aluxes was such a privilege. We truly felt that we disappeared and became flys on the wall watching an intimate and authentic moment unfold.

Surrounding their love was more love. Their amazing team of ladies who made up their bridal party, their siblings, their family and friends. Everyone was fully invested and just so happy for these two beautiful ladies.

Isla Mujeres and the gorgeous Zama Beach club was also a treat for us. It’s a location that we have photographed many times over the years and that special “Island Life” vibe can certainly be appreciated. Special mention to Shay and Shell’s awesome coordinator Tiffany from Sunhorse Weddings for keeping everything on track :)

We asked Michelle and Shay to share their thoughts about their beautiful Isla Mujeres lesbian wedding.

Del Sol: Its amazing LOVE brought you here! Why did you Travel for Love and choose Isla Mujeres in particular – extremely awesome that a lesbian wedding is held on Isla Mujeres – the “Island of Women!”

“We knew from the beginning that we wanted a destination wedding. The options were infinite. While researching warm, beachy, lesbian-friendly destinations, serendipitously, Shay’s mom began texting us photos from family vacations.”

“She sent a photo from Isla Mujeres and it was a light-bulb moment. Let’s get married on the Island of Women!”

Del Sol: You had a really clear vision about how you wanted your first look to go and it was adorable seeing you talk to each other and enjoy the moment before spinning around and being genuinely surprised by each other!

Michelle: “Not only were we waiting all day to see each other but we had been waiting for months to see each other’s dresses. This was something that we knew we wanted all along.”

“I was definitely feeling the build-up of being away from each other all day. Not only was I anxious to see Shay, but I could hardly wait to stand hand in hand with her in front of our closest friends and family. She totally blew me away and it instantly put me at ease seeing her glowing and radiant in her white dress.”

“Our first look was a thrill!”- Shay

Shay: “The entire wedding dress shopping process was quite an experience. After Michelle had found the perfect dress, I felt this funny pressure to find an exact complement to a dress whose details I knew nothing about.”

“What I enjoyed so much about Michelle’s dress was that she was the one in it. Seeing the most stunning bride and comprehending that I was the lucky woman who was going to marry her was surreal.” – Shay

Del Sol: Why did you choose Zama Beach Club?

“Tiffany and Alex at Sunhorse Weddings were an absolute dream to work with.”

“We knew from our first conversation with them that they were going to take our visions and bring them to life. Zama was a venue they work with, and it has a beautiful, private beach.”

Del Sol: There was a LOT of awesome feminine energy on your day!

“Women are at the center of our universe.”

“Each of our siblings are women, and all of our sisters stood by us during our ceremony. Of the other beautiful women that stood by us, some are wives and some are mothers. All are uniquely woman.”

“We wouldn’t have been standing up there together at this point in our lives if it wasn’t for each one of the women standing by us in Isla Mujeres. They helped us in becoming the women that we are.”

“It was symbolic for us to have our bridal party wearing the same color as us. We didn’t get to this place in life by ourselves: it takes a village.”

Del Sol: What was the most amazing moment of your day?

“That’s a really hard question, actually. There were just so many moments that stand out.”

“We had waited so long to have this good time and party with our friends and couldn’t have even imagined how full of love we’d be throughout the entire day.”

Del Sol: How was your experience with the del Sol team?

“Polly and the del Sol team were amazing, incredible, and talented. Not only that, but they went above and beyond to make it a seamless wedding day.”

“Some may still not even know that Michelle’s wedding dress took a dive into a black puddle moments before arriving at the venue. Polly and Val ran to the nearest vendor and brought back water to wash her dress. It was like it never even happened!”

“I know we are a teeny demographic, but when planning a wedding, the same rules just don’t apply to lesbian couples. We appreciate you being up for the cause and helping reach our community. We are seeing a massive emergence of lesbian and gay weddings, and our community is in need of more resources when wedding planning.”

“It was a major preference for our vendors to have had experience working with other lesbian couples.”

“All of our expectations of our big day were exceeded and we had the confidence to be authentically ourselves because everyone involved was so loving. Thank you for that!”- Shay


“Michelle and I ADORE these photos. We knew we would! We are so so happy we found you and Val and Del Sol! We’ve been enjoying our honeymoon and an hour hasn’t gone by without us talking about how lucky we are to have had the absolute most perfect wedding.”

“We couldn’t imagine our day with any other photographer and we appreciate all of your hard work and creativity. Seriously stunning. Michelle and I will cherish our photos forever.”

Del Sol: You ladies were all about the party! We LOVED Shay’s surprise dance for Shell and of course, the silent disco was AMAZING!

Michelle: I am still in awe of Shay and her dance for me. I couldn’t believe 1. how much she totally nailed it and 2. how much effort she and her bridesmaids put into the choreography.”

“My heart was just so full in that very moment, I was like ‘yes, this is my WIFE!’”- Michelle

“The silent disco was everything we hoped it would be, and then some. It was a major surprise for our guests, who traveled all the way to Isla Mujeres to celebrate our wedding day.

“Silent disco creates this atmosphere where everyone belongs and there’s no wrong answer.”