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Our Me Melia Cancun beach wedding day was perfect from beginning to end. It truly was our best day ever. I remember waking up to watch the sunrise and thinking what an amazing day it was. We were very fortunate to have fantastic weather the day of: the sky was a beautiful blue and the wind kept the day from getting too hot. I watched the hotel set up our canopy and chairs from my balcony, and I couldn’t wait to get down there to marry my best friend. 

The bridesmaids and I were lucky to have Sara Tamargo and her amazing team of make-up artists and hairstylists the day of, and they pampered us and performed wonders on our hair and make-up. The bridesmaids, my mom and I had a great time getting ready, eating tons of guacamole and drinking champagne.

The waterworks started when Dave sent me the most beautiful, heartfelt text message while we were getting ready. I lost it, but luckily Sara had used waterproof make-up. :)

The happy tears continued once we got downstairs. As my dad and I were waiting outside to walk down the aisle, he reminded me to take a moment to look around and soak everything in once I got to the top of the aisle. He took out a small piece of paper from his pocket and unfolded it to reveal a quote from a Jimmy Buffett song that has come to be very special to us over the years:

“Take it all in, it’s as big as it seems. Count all your blessing, remember your dreams.”

As we started to walk down the stairs to the aisle, my dad reminded again, “Take it all in” as we took our first step. I said the next line of the song as we took our second step, and then we switched off, each completing a line of the verse with each step we took. It was the small, magical moments like this one that made the night so special. We had so many more of these incredible moments throughout the night, but Dave and I agree that our favorite parts of the day was seeing each other at the aisle. We were both very emotional but managed to get through our speaking parts. We loved the ritual of merging sand together up at the alter; it was a beautiful moment and it gave us a priceless souvenir from the ceremony.

The photographers at Del Sol Photography were absolutely amazing the whole day. They both had an incredible energy and kindness, and Dave and I felt instantly at ease with them. They blended seamlessly with our guests, and made everyone feel comfortable and carefree. They were so fun, and had the most incredible artistic eye. They grabbed us toward the end of the night and took us to the big windows at the center of the resort to get an amazing shot of our silhouettes in the window from down below. We highly recommend them both!

Having a destination wedding surpassed our wildest dreams. I’ve always wanted to get married on the beach, with bare feet in the sand, and I feel so fortunate that I was able to do just that.

Apart from the beautiful scenery, having a destination wedding was amazing because of all the time we got to spend with our guests and the bonding that went on. We were so lucky to have our favorite people in the world together for an epic vacation. We got to spend quality time with everyone throughout the week, and everyone blended and got along great. Dave and I keep reminiscing about the trip and what an amazing group of friends and family we have, and what a great time we all had together.

One of the highlights was the time of year of this wedding.  We always recommend you check our “Seasonal Guide” when planning for the perfect time and date for a beach wedding in Cancun.

The ME Cancun resort and staff also surpassed our expectations. Our wedding coordinator Diana was great and made our stay, and the wedding day, fantastic. The rest of the hotel staff were amazing too, from Danny, who eagerly asked how everything went the next day, to our DJ, who kept everyone on the dance floor all night. Luckily, the party didn’t stop when the reception ended. The ME had an awesome stoplight party that night at one of the clubs, so we got to wander over there and keep the celebration going, which was another one of the best surprises of the night.

When Dave and I finally made our way to our room, we were both touched to find that my maid of honor and one of my bridesmaids had decorated our room with rose petals, flowers from the wedding, champagne, and the maracas we gave everyone to “shake at the kiss”. It was the absolute perfect end to the perfect day.

During all the planning, Dave and I didn’t stress too much about traditions, but instead made our own. Dave’s dad was his best man, and I had my own: my best friend from college, Quincey. I realized I didn’t have anything borrowed as we were getting ready, but I didn’t care; all I needed was Dave at the end of that aisle.

Our advice to other couples planning weddings is to not worry too much about traditions, and don’t sweat the small stuff. The most important thing about the day is being together and being in the moment; with all the planning, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the little things, but try not to let that take away from what the day is really about: celebrating the fact that you guys found each other and are taking this beautiful step in your lives together. Even if things don’t go the way you want them to, everything happens for a reason and everything comes together the day of.

Above all, just remember to take it all in, because it’s as big as it seems; always count all your blessings and remember your dreams.

We’ll never forget our wedding day and are so thankful to our friends, family, the ME Cancun resort, Sara Tamargo and her team, and the entire Del Sol Photography team for making it so magical and memorable – Nicole and Dave Russell

Wedding Location: Me Melia Cancun beach wedding

Wedding Coordinator: Diana Gomez

Hair and Makeup: Sara Tamargo 

Florist: Blossom Events and Wedding Designs

Gown Boutique: BHLDN

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