Love is always wanting to be with that certain someone! Loving everything about that person including the parts that annoy you. Craving that person’s energy and never getting sick of always being together!

We love to celebrate couples who want to have FUN and if they like the water – even better! We met Kristina thanks to her imagination being captured by our “Impossible Wedding”. Kristina, like Susana is a mermaid at heart! We had the opportunity to meet Kristina to talk about planning an amazing, unique and “mermaidy” wedding day of her very own – a perfect excuse of a MERMAID save the date! We were welcomed by the wonderful Secrets Aura Cozumel.

Sol asked Kristina to tell us more about her mermaid love story!

Sol: Where did prince charming find you?

“Dylan is my brother’s best friend! From the moment I saw him in 8th grade and he was a freshman I knew I loved him! But it wasn’t until college when we starting dating.”

Sol: Did he become a mermen to win your heart?!

“Being my brother’s best friend and my brother being a scuba diver, Dylan was bound to get certified. Him and my brother, Nick, went on many dive trips together along with my mom as the instructor, leaving me out of their guy trips!”

Sol: What is your favorite thing about Cozumel?

“My favorite thing about Cozumel – Everything!! I love the vibes, the people, the sights and especially the water! The clear blue ocean with the best sea life beneath you is like a dream come true!! I’ll never forget the time I swam with whale sharks there!!” – Kristina

Sol: What will your wedding be like?

“Filled with the people we love most having the best time ever in the most beautiful location!!”

Sol: Do you have a wedding tail yet?

Kristina: My mermaid mama is working on it :)!

Principal Photographer: Sol