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Destination Wedding Hyatt Ziva Cancun – Sam and Julian

“Any adventure with Julian is my favorite adventure!” #TravelForLove

“Traveling has always been a big part of our relationship. We absolutely love going on vacations each year and exploring new places together. We’ve been fortunate to go on a few trips per year. We want to soak in as many experiences as we can before starting a family!” – Sam

Sam and Julian’s wedding was full of smiles, colors and family love. Everyone gave their all in this wedding and a special shout out has to go to Sam’s mom…

My mom is a florist and I always knew I had to have her do my flowers, but I was a little bummed when we decided on a destination wedding. I assumed she would be able to do them. After some searching for florists, my mom decided that the only way we would both truly love the outcome is if she did them! She made it happen!

“My mom flew about 8 suitcases down to Cancun just to get all of our flowers there! Every single centerpiece, bouquet, boutonnière, and the aisle decorations!”

“She even went down a day before me so she could start arranging them and making sure everything was perfect! Our flowers were absolutely stunning and I was so happy that they had that extra special touch!”

“We were also so fortunate to have a close family friend as our pastor! That meant a lot to us to have someone who has known us our whole relationship and who knows our family so we’ll celebrate our love with us!

Del Sol: Tell us about the words that meant the most to you

Sam: “I loved Julian’s vows! We chose to write our own, and I’m so glad we did.”

“It was so special hearing Julian’s promises and making them so personal. The vows were so us! He promised to spend life rescuing dogs with me, and anyone who knows me knows that is the key to my heart!” – Sam

“We were also able to reflect on nearly 10 years together, and this moment we had been dreaming of all that time.”

Del Sol: Tell what was the most amazing part of your day?

“The most amazing part of the day was definitely seeing Julian for the first time! I was so excited to get down that aisle and live the dream I imagined in my head. It was so surreal and everything felt like a blur! It happened way too fast, but it couldn’t have been more perfect!”

“The blue ocean waves, the sunny sky, our loved ones in the background, and Julian standing there waiting for me… it will forever be in my heart!”

“One of my favorite moments was also the mother and son dance between my mom and Julian! This was such a fun, special moment. From the beginning, they knew they wanted to do a dance together, but neither one of them are the serious type. My mom decided they were going to do a surprise choreographed dance. It was such a good secret! Truly, nobody knew about it except for me. The guests were so surprised and were laughing the whole time. They loved seeing this moment knowing that it fit both of them so well!”

Del Sol: How was your experience with the Del Sol Team?

Sam: “I loved working with the Del Sol team! From the moment we contacted, everyone was so helpful and courteous. Our photographers from Del Sol Photography were truly awesome. They were so vibrant and excited to be there spending the day with us! I loved how they knew the awesome lighting and shots to capture. They encouraged us and wanted to make the day about our love. All of my wedding guests kept saying how they loved our photographer too!”

Del Sol: Why did you choose the Hyatt Ziva?

Sam: “When we started planning, we thought about how much we loved Cancun and how it would be so special to share that with our loved ones.”

“Everything about the Hyatt Ziva makes you feel like you are in paradise. We absolutely fell in love with the stunning location. The vibrant blue ocean surrounds the resort, and nothing beats the gazebo on the cliff overlooking it all.” – Sam

“We chose the Hyatt Ziva after visiting there last summer. I fell in love immediately and we both knew there was no place more beautiful to celebrate our wedding. The gazebo with the drapes blowing in the wind was a magical sight to walk out to, and every single guest said they have never seen a more beautiful wedding or location!”

“Everyone has already talked about going back to the Hyatt Ziva again! Our reception was on the beach, which also complimented our relaxed, romantic atmosphere! This truly was the perfect beach wedding location.”

Del Sol: Whats your top destination wedding advice?

“It’s definitely a little stressful planning a destination wedding and not being able to fully communicate what you want at times or being there to see it. The biggest thing I learned is just trusting them! They have so many weddings everyday, and they truly know what they are doing! Everything worked out perfectly and there was no need to worry. Just make sure you are clear on what you want and everything should work out!”

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Wedding Dress: Essense of Australia

DJ: Encore

Flowers- Mom

Drapery- Grupo Gama

Destination Wedding Location: Hyatt Ziva

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