Beautiful bride wearing low back Nicole Miller wedding dress night portrait, Paradisus la Perla Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Paradisus wedding with awesome wedding gifts – Jasseita and Steven

We always knew we wanted to have a destination wedding and we were so glad we did. Traveling to Mexico with our closest family and friends couldn’t have been any more special to us.

The most important people in our lives were there to celebrate a love that they have witnessed grow for over 9 years, it was just perfect!

We looooove Jasseita and Steven. A beautiful couple who’ve already been together 9 years with a super cute little boy. After 9 years they have a super strong love connection, they’re super hot together! They also know each other really well, they know the things that mean the most to each other. They blew us away with their AWESOME wedding gifts for each other that really show their love. 

Steven – “While getting myself and Liam ready for the big event, the maid of honor showed up with two gifts my beautiful bride had sent me. I had been rushing and was still very nervous, but I took a deep breath and decided to dedicate some time to opening my gifts. The first gift I opened was a beautiful pair of Tiffany & Co cufflinks that she had specially engraved with my initials. They were absolutely perfect so I had my best man help me put them on right away.”

“I started un-wrapping my second gift. As I opened it, I noticed it was a black leather book which read, “for your eyes only” on the front cover. When I looked inside I then realized why. Jasseita had seen a photographer and took some wonderful sexy pictures for me that made me blush and put a huge smile on my face.”

“After being so nervous about the wedding and running around the whole day, her gifts helped make smile and ease my anxiety. Her gifts were absolutely perfect and I loved them both.”

Jasseita – “the gift I received from Steven was a huge box with six smaller boxes inside. On the top of each box were a number and a note for each corresponding gift. Around the boxes were photos of us throughout our years together, it was like taking a trip down memory lane. Inside each box there were little gifts that related to our relationship. My favorite snack, inside jokes from our favorite movie… gifts that somehow became traditions for all occasions.”

“The smallest most special gift to me were two little rubber superman bracelets. When we first met I had given Steven a similar bracelet and told him he was my superman. Even after all this time, he still is! That was the most emotional part for me.”

“I didn’t think something so small could trigger so many feelings and memories. His gift was beyond amazing!”

“After about 5 years of being together, we agreed that it was time to take the next step in our relationship and decided to have a baby. Marriage wasn’t in the cards for us just yet since we lived our lives not following your typical traditions and we are so proud of our decision.”

“We have a little boy named Liam that we are absolutely crazy about. He is definitely the highlight of our lives. To see him walk down the aisle smiling away was an indescribable feeling of happiness and joy. We were ecstatic that our son was able to share one of the most important days of our lives with us. It will be a day we talk about for years to come.”

“After a lot of research we chose Paradisus because we fell in love with the Gabi Bridge. We knew we wanted our ceremony outdoors but didn’t want the typical beach wedding. The Gabi Bridge gave us the perfect spin on a destination wedding by still having the beach and the ocean as a back drop to our ceremony. We were more than pleased with our wedding planner Araceli. She made having our wedding at Paradisus more than we could have ever imagined. Araceli made sure that everything was how we wanted it to be. She was so humble and calm throughout our entire process, she was the best!”

“Vanessa and Polly made us feel beyond comfortable. They were like little ninjas! We totally forgot they were there until we caught them sneaking in those candid shots. That’s exactly what we wanted. We were so happy to have them as our photographers on the most important day of our lives! We just want to thank them for being so amazing to us!”

Thanks to Jasseita and Steven for trusting our vision and for sharing their wonderful words with us!!


Principal Photographer: Vanessa

Second Photographer: Polly

Destination Wedding Location: Paradisus La Perla – Gabi Bridge

Wedding Dress: Nicole Miller

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Destination Wedding onsite coordinator: Araceli

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