Family Vow Renewal Experience

Kate + Nam

“I truly appreciate you creating such a beautiful and memorable 10-year Family Vow Renewal experience. It was a nice way to stop and reflect together in a way we wouldn’t do in our daily life or even on vacation.”

– Kate

This time Kate and Nam came back to Mexico to celebrate the fruit of their UNION with an amazing Family Vow Renewal. Kate and Nam got married here in Mexico 10 years ago and ever since they kept coming back and we really consider them like family.  I have countless adventures touring and enjoying paradise with them.  Now I feel even more rewarded to celebrate this special family milestone with their beautiful children. We have shared so much and are so thankful for the pleasure it is has been to know them all of these years.   – Matt

Del Sol: Why did you choose Mexico to get married 10 years ago?

“We chose Mexico because of you! We had seen your work from Nam’s friend’s wedding before we were even engaged and agreed if we got married we’d do it in Playa and hire Sol Tamargo and the Del Sol team.”

Playa del Carmen Family photographer

Playa del Carmen Family Vow Renewal photographer

Del Sol:  How do you feel after doing this Family Vow Renewal Experience?

“I truly appreciate you creating such a beautiful and memorable 10-year Family Vow Renewal experience. It was a nice way to stop and reflect together in a way we wouldn’t do in our daily life or even on vacation.” – Kate

“It felt a little silly suggesting it to Nam like it was maybe too self-indulgent. But we have fallen into “adulting” all the time and putting off celebrating or acknowledging victories. For some reason, people expect a big deal of a wedding and then maybe a 25 or 50 year anniversary but don’t give themselves much fanfare in between when life is actually at its hardest.”

“I’m proud that we chose to celebrate our relationship even though we aren’t done yet, in the sense of having made it some huge number of years and we aren’t perfect.”


family vow renewal ceremony with toddlers Riviera Maya Mexico  

Del Sol: What keeps you coming back to Mexico?

“It was such a wonderful time at our wedding and we decided to start coming back for anniversary trips. Nam and I find new things to do every year, thanks to you guys! So it’s a mix of familiarity and novelty each time.”

“We love the local food, the mix of Mexican and expat cultures, the walkable town of Playa, the beautiful beaches and cenotes, and the ability to travel around the area and do new things.” – Kate + Nam


Del Sol: How has your love evolved in this time?

“The biggest evolution was going from the 2 of us to 3. I still remember driving to Playa from the airport the year we decided to try to get pregnant and feeling bittersweet about the idea that it could be our last trip there as just the 2 of us…which it was.”

“Our love now is less naive than it was and more intentional. It’s calmer, more patient.” -Kate


“We have gone through lots of challenges together since we were married and a big part of surviving the hurdles and changes in our family has been learning how to face things together as a team as opposed to letting them divide us.

“Facing things together as a team comes easy when you are first dating someone. It’s then often gets forgotten or too difficult as a relationship ages and the newness wears off.” – Kate + Nam


Del Sol: What does it mean to you to now being able to bring your kids to the place you got married and have a Family Vow Renewal?

“Nam and I like the thought that the kids will have special memories of our trips, just as we have our own special memories of our wedding and the times we spent here before they were born.”

“With this Family Vow renewal, it feels like we are creating a family tradition.” -Kate


Del Sol: What is most fun about being parents?

“Little kids live in the moment and the best times spent with them are when we can let ourselves be in the moment with them and not worrying about to-do lists or “should be’s”

“Being able to bring joy to the kids brings us joy.” – Kate


Del Sol: What does travel do to your heart?

“Travel gives you a chance to step outside your daily routine.” – Kate

“Sometimes with young kids, that’s what makes travel so hard because they rely on routine so much. As adults, it sets us free from responsibilities and gives us permission to just live in the moment each day.”

Del Sol: How do you like del Sol?

We are awed by your talents and commitments to your art. Our family loves you as people and friends! Nam and I feel lucky to know you and have a relationship with you!”

“Your spirit and your love for photography, Mexico, Love and Adventure is evident in every picture you create.” – Kate

Sol: What will you tell to anyone doubting traveling to Mexico?

“I don’t think there’s anything to doubt. Mexico can be anything you want it to be. If you like resorts and lounging all day with clear tranquil waters, you can find it. Do you want to explore nature or eclectic towns, you can do it. Food is important to you, you will not be disappointed in Playa or nearby areas. If you are 21 and want to party all night or if you are 35 and want to go to bed early and wake up at sunrise or 60 and want to climb a Mayan pyramid there’s a scene or itinerary for everyone. We feel safe traveling there and we practice common sense travel precautions that we would do traveling anywhere.”

“Mexico can be anything you want it to be.” – Kate