• Matt Adcock camera wet from ocean wave tulum mexico bridal trash the dress photography
  • Matt Adcock, photo by Ben Chrisman, San francisco California golden gate bridge

    Matt Adcock, photo by Ben Chrisman, San francisco California golden gate bridge

  • Matt Adcock Silhouette holding two cameras destination wedding playa del carmen mexico
  • Matt Adcock Underwater whale shark selfie cancun isla mujeres mexico #aworldofitsown
  • Photo by Nabor Yañez Matt Adcock Chiapas Mexico

    Photo by Nabor Yañez

  • Matt Adcock photo by Ben Chrisman Pacific coast San Francisco California

    Photo by Ben Chrisman

  • Matt Adcock shooting photographs in the caribbean ocean
  • Matt Adcock Underwater Selfie
  • Swimming with Whale Shark at Isla Mujeres, Mexico

  • whale shark with freediver matt adcock

    Photo by Mark Adams

  • Isla Mujeres Mexico Whale Shark photos by Del Sol Photography #Aworldofitsown

    Photo by Mark Adams

  • Photo by Mark Adams - Matt Adcock Free Diving Isla Mujeres reef Mexico

    Photo by Mark Adams - Matt Adcock Free Diving Reefs Isla Mujeres

Matt Adcock

Matt Adcock is the C0-Founder and Creative Director of Del Sol Photography.

Matt aka “Mateo” has chased the image in one way or another since he was a kid watching his grandfather focus in on macro nature photography and landscapes, totally inspired by the natural world. As the founder of Del Sol Photography, Matt has been shooting weddings since 2003 and has overseen the team as the artistic and creative director since 2007.

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Matt is also a teacher, traveling around the world giving workshops and instructing other photographers on how to make the most of their career.

As bird watching has been a long time hobby, Matt is now flying drones around the world and as he sees it, exploring the unexplored angles of our lands from above. Drone photography from a bird’s eye’s perspective is new to mankind. We have all dreamed to see what birds see and now Matt is making this a reality. Here is one of his recent Drone projects, the Impossible Wedding – Bride gets married in the middle of the ocean.

Quite opposite of the drone angle, Matt also enjoys free diving and swimming with the fish on the reef or at the bottom of a sinkhole (cenote).  Recently he found a GoPro camera that had been lost for 4 years and launched a campaign to find the owners and in record time, 23 hrs, the original owners were located via Facebook. Here is the story of the Riviera Maya Lost GoPro.

Matt Adcock is an internationally award winning photojournalist and among the Top 10 wedding photographers in the world according to American Photo Magazine and a designated as a Wedding Trailblazer, by the Huffington Post for his innovations with the Trash the dress photography theme. He has also been featured on Lonely Planet free diving and photographing whale sharks in the wild off the coast of Isla Mujeres Mexico.  He images have been featured on every major USA television network, Fox, CBS, ABC, and CNN.

He specializes in photographing Architecture or commercial real estate, private homes and boutique hotels.  These projects usually involve multiple days and can specialize in underwater photography, drone photography and shooting video, director of photography and creative director for commercial marketing projects.

Matt recently created a project that went viral on the internet with 1,680,000+ views on Youtube. In the summer of 2014, Matt was approached by Janine,  a bride to be who lost her fiance 52 days before the wedding. She was looking for healing and hope and wanted the underwater photography session to serve as a therapeutic healing tool.  Matt’s work with Janine was seen on every major TV / News networks and seen in 25 different countries in hundreds of blogs.

Here are some of Matt’s favorite weddings:

Wedding 1.    Xcaret Park Mexico – Guadalupe Chapel

Wedding 2  –  Sacbe Cenote – Playa del Carmen & Akumal

Wedding 3 –  Paradisus Esmeralda Riviera Maya

Wedding 4  – Destination wedding at Hotel Esencia

Wedding 5  –  Destination wedding at Rosewood Mayakoba & Xcaret Park

Wedding 6  – Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Wedding 7 – Georgian Terrace (Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus – Piedmont Park – Biltmore Atlanta Georgia)

Wedding 8 – Casa Verana, Yelapa Puerto Vallarta Mexico


Mexico is so amazing, one of our favorite places in the world:  #Aworldofitsown

See Matt Adcock’s Wedding Photography Awards and

Testimonials from a few of Matt’s wedding clients:

Delilah and Anil – Xcaret Park Guadalupe Chapel

“We met with Matt in Playa del Carmen at a local Starbucks to discuss “business and pricing”. Well, out of a 3 hour meet with Matt, we discussed business and pricing for about 20 minutes or less. The rest of the time we spent talking with Matt about life and philosophy. We felt at ease about our future pictures from that meeting on. We knew we were getting the best quality and most humbling photography team out there. At times Matt has personally called us to help us get through bumps in our wedding planning that had nothing to do with photography. The whole team made us feel like friends discussing all kinds of things from abroad. They never made use feel like just another business to them. The day of the wedding, I was so happy to see the team. At the altar, Anil and I were whispering to each other on how the Del Sol photography team was literally in every corner of the church in the most awkward spots that they can put themselves in just to get a great picture of us.”


Keelin and John – Dreams Tulum

If you only read one line:

Matt from Del Sol made my wedding day amazing and gave me more than I dreamed of. 

Now if you want a little more:

I had the incredible pleasure to make new friends the day of my wedding: Matt Adcock from Del Sol Photography….Here goes the story: since I was a little girl, I loved playing in the rain at my grandmother’s house, and my wedding dream was to have a good picture to pass on to the next generations; yes  I also  wanted a guy with a good heart, and pretty eyes. The day of the wedding was not perfect, there was a monsoon rainstorm and we had to change all the plans, needless to say it was very stressful, people missing, re-planning the entire outdoor wedding, etc, but my new friend Matt was there and made it seem like it was all going to be ok, he was part of the party, the drama, and to top it all he was willing to go outside and play with us on the rain.  You can’t fight nature, so we embraced it and Matt came out with us and the rainbow was this amazing  picture. It is on my phone and everywhere I go, random people ask me to see it and tell me it should be in a cover of a magazine, I am very proud of him and his work. My dreams came true as I married someone with pretty eyes, a good heart, and Matt gave me a picture beyond anything I could have dreamed of; on top of that I made a new friend. Congratulations Matt and forever thank you for the memories and good times.  – Keelin

Ashley + Nathan –
The wedding was at 4pm, and Matt arrived in the lobby about 1.5 hours before, his associate photographer went to shoot the boys who were playing pool in the bar near the gazebo. Matt arrived and was a breath of fresh air, it had been a CRAZY morning due to some issues with the Apple Vacations rep… Matt arrived, very excited and started shooting away, I really had no plan for locations to shoot, etc. But Matt had it all under control, he made me feel so at ease and confident, he even tried to get all the girls to smile and laugh, he was great, my grandmother thought he was the cutest thing ever. It was about 8 million degrees on the wedding day, and I am pretty sure I sweated off all my makeup, but Matt managed to make me look amazing in his photos, they shot from all different angles and really captured those moments that I didn’t even think about, moments that you didn’t even realized happened until you look at your photos, these are the best moments.
After the ceremony we headed to the saltwater pool to take some group shots. They turned out amazing, even though it was super windy. I had a few requests for traditional shots and Matt got them all, he even captured an amazing arial shot, which was the one thing I wanted since I started planning the wedding, it is now printed huge and on the wall in my living room. The bridal party and the hubby and I then just headed down the beach, stopping along the way to grab drinks and just celebrate, then Nathan and I broke off to take some photos….I don’t know how he does it but Matt seemed to capture Nathan and I in are “us” moments. I really wanted some photos with the sunset, and evening light such a beautiful backdrop for photos, and of course Matt delivered. These are some of my favorite photos, so romantic I am serious when I say my heart still skips when I look at these particular shots…
Matt and Rodrigo (who was also very sweet) stayed through the dance; Matt charmed the pants off my Grandma. He made sure to get shots of her reading the poem that my Grandpa wrote for her when he was in Vietnam, my mom read this poem at our ceremony, I am glad he did this, they are photos that we will always have of that moment…

Matt is so talented it is ridiculous, I could go on and on…

Matt and Margaret – Dreams Riviera Cancun
My new wife and I are so pleased that you could share a moment in time with us that we will truly cherish for as long as we breathe. There are not enough words in the english language that can sum up what your photography/artistic ability meant to us. You are truly gifted and worked diligently and tirelessly to see the end result, and that result is truly unique. I am certain you get praise like this often, but I always feel one can not hear it often enough. From the bottom of our hearts, We must say we were absolutely blown away as to what you three photographers captured! From Matt and Rodrigo at the day of our nuptials…to Matt, Sol, and Rodrigo at our TTD session, Margaret and I had a blast! Never in my life would I have ever imagined that pictures could show the love and fun we have shared for eight years prior to our marriage. My wife is the most treasured thing I have ever laid my eyes on, and you captured the story in time of our picturesque wedding. Your price is not nearly enough for what you as professionals can produce. We both especially loved seeing both Sol and Matt interact with each other on our TTD. I am sure your futures are limitless, as we feel ours is. We wish you continued success, health and happiness. You love what you do and it shows, and that is the key to success!! We love you guys!, and thank you so much for capturing our love for each other!!

Tracey and Brent – Royal Playa del Carmen
Photography has been a hobby of mine for years, so my only job besides showing up for the wedding was to choose a photographer. Tracey knew that I was going to be picky so she didn’t want to bother.

Photography is a different ballgame today than it was for our parents. Anyone, and I really mean ANYONE, can go buy a relatively nice camera for a cheap price and call themselves a photographer. I asked del Sol a few questions about equipment, technique, etc, and I felt at ease.

Don’t let pricing intimidate you. This is one of the best investments you can make. You can find more affordable photographers out there, but do you really want to look back in 20 years at mediocre photos? Tracey and I paid for the wedding ourselves and this was the thing that we decided to splurge on. It was definitely worth it. We didn’t want a lot of traditional family line up photos. We wanted pictures of the little things. We wanted to capture the experience, and they nailed it.

The biggest thing I have to thank Matt for is keeping our wedding on the beach.

The weather was beautiful for two entire days before our ceremony. And wouldn’t you know it clouds up 2 hours before the wedding starts. Our wedding coordinator was trying to convince Tracey to move it inside, so she starts freaking out and trying to call me, but I was already at the bar with my groomsman trying to calm the nerves. Matt tells Tracey to tell our coordinator no, that we didn’t come all the way to Mexico to have an indoor wedding. He had seen these afternoon thunderstorms pass too many times and knew that it would more than likely turn out to be nothing. The clouds dissipated, the sun came out, and everything turned out great. I’m not so sure another photographer would have pushed Tracey keep it outside. The glass is definitely half full with these guys!
-Brent Lassere

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  1. Michelle August 23, 2013 at 1:02 pm

    Honeymooning on cancun (playa mujeres) interested in a trash the dress session may I preview pricing?

    • Kelly August 26, 2013 at 2:56 pm

      Hi Michelle! Please send us an email with details of your request and we’ll be glad to put together a personalized quote for you. info @ delsolphotography.com. Thanks so much for your interest in Del Sol Photography and happy wedding planning!

  2. Millie LaMonica January 29, 2014 at 8:15 pm

    So happy for you…wow! How lucky I am to say that I had the honor of you photographing my wedding waaaaay back when on lil St. Simons Island!

    Cheers! All the best!
    Millie (and Ryan) LaMonica

    • Matt Adcock February 2, 2014 at 10:41 pm

      Gracias Millie :) A big pleasure for me to meet you and your family and travel to such a beautiful Island!!! Hugs from Mexico!