Playa del Carmen Swimwear Shoot

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When Alysa contacted us about a Playa del Carmen swimwear shoot for her boutique, we knew it was a job for Sol! “Happy, Healthy and Sexy” is her mantra and that is what we found with Alysa, a great fit. The former model and nurse grew up on the St. Croix River in Minnesota and spends as much time as she can on the boat and in the water. She is passionate about photography and fashion and was seeking a photographer to capture the sexy designs of her swimwear.

The shoot took place at sunrise at Punta Esmeralda in Playa del Carmen. Sol often heads to the beach at this hour to start her day with the sea birds and they came to join the photo shoot with Alysa too. The blonde, blue-eyed beauty brought a few wardrobe changes with her, hot bikinis that are chic and sexy and full of sparkle!

As the sun warmed the day, Sol and Alysa played in the surf, in the sand and under the palm trees, there really is no other location quite like Playa del Carmen for a swimwear shoot! Alysa was great to work with, easy going, beautiful and, of course, sexy! The designs were unique, definitely bikinis that were meant to get you noticed!

Sol had a great time at this Playa del Carmen swimwear shoot, totally in her element! Del Sol Photography thanks Alysa for inviting us to share this day with you, we had a blast!

Principal photographer: Sol

March 20th, 2015, session