Now Sapphire Wedding with a RAINBOW – Lisa and Garrett

“We were debating whether or not to wear sunglasses during the ceremony. The sun the day before at the rehearsal was beating down and right in the eyes of the wedding party. As is customary, the wife was right. It turns out that not only did we not need sunglass, but a few fluffy clouds came out, block the sun in our eyes and gave us an amazing rainbow gift to frame our ceremony! Seriously, nearly no clouds, no rain at all on the ceremony, and a rainbow hanging above it all. It was magical!”

All wedding days are magical but some have an extra special touch. Lisa and Garett’s wedding was blessed with an incredible rainbow over their ceremony! It couldn’t have happened to a lovelier couple. Lisa and Garret looked like you were having the best time ever all day long!! We asked them to talk to us about their amazing wedding day

Garrett: “There is a lot of hard work that goes into weddings. Lisa did an amazing job of taking care of those details so we could enjoy the wedding day and the days leading up to it. Also, friends and family mean so much to both of us.”

“Having friends from all walks of our lives and our family in one place was something special. They traveled from all over the US and all over the world including China, Turkey, Israel, Canada, and the Netherlands. That they made that commitment and sacrifice for use really filled our hearts.”

Del Sol: Did someone say something special that touched you?

“We were so proud that our nephew Mason, who is seven, asked on his own accord to get up in front of everyone to give his own short little speech for us. What an intrepid little guy! It meant so much we mean so much to him for him to do that!”

Del Sol: What was the most amazing moments and details of your day?

Garrett: “Seeing Lisa walk down the stairs. Lisa is a self-proclaimed amateur at keeping secrets, but she kept the dress and her hair and makeup plans a complete secret. She looked so stunning in her dress and in the soft tropical afternoon light.

Lisa: “I love our customized sunglasses that I handed out to our wedding guests. I loved seeing everyone wear them throughout the wedding and their stay at the resort. It really helped continue the celebration and it was functional and useful!”

“One of my favorite moments is our welcoming dance when Garrett and I walked into the reception. “On Top of the World” is our song and we sang and danced to it numerous times when we first started dating. It was such a treat to have everyone sing and dance and welcome us for the first time as bride and groom.”

“I love sparklers and it was important to me to find a way to incorporate it into the evening. Juan Carlos and Del Sol helped setup a final dance for Garrett and Me to help celebrate and close off the night with something special. I loved dancing with Garrett in the middle of all the sparklers. It was so much fun!! I close my eyes and remember the feeling of love and joy.” – Lisa

“Before the wedding, we asked our friends and family to include a piece of wedding advice with their RSVP. We incorporated some of their comments into our wedding ceremony. We had each of our guests fill out postcards during the wedding and had them sent to our home back in the states. I thought it would be a nice way to keep the celebration and love flowing even after we got home.”

“I loved finding ways to surprise Garrett. With as much planning as I did, it was nice to have some surprises that kept Garrett on this toes from having my niece surprise him with a shot during the ceremony, hiding the wedding rings from our dear friend and officiant, Gilles, to the kissing game during the ceremony.” – Lisa

Del Sol: It’s amazing LOVE brought you here! Why did you Travel for Love?

“Garrett and I love to travel and throughout our travels and life experiences, we have made friends from all over the world. We wanted our wedding to be shared over a course of several days and in a place where we can spend quality of time with everyone. We felt that having a quaint all-inclusive resort would be a fun place to celebrate!”

Del Sol: How was your experience with the del Sol team?

“The Del Sol team was great! They were on time, professional, fun and had great ideas for the photos and video. We were very excited to have Del Sol as our photographer based on their website and they delivered! We are thankful to have the Del Sol Team share our special day and capture the beautiful moments that we will remember for years to come!”

Del Sol: Why did you choose Now Sapphire?

Lisa: “Now Sapphire was the perfect resort. We wanted a smaller resort so that all our friends and family would be close. We also wanted a resort that was close enough to the resort so that our guests didn’t have to spend a long time in transit from the airport. Furthermore, Juan Carlos was an amazing wedding coordinator.

“Juan Carlos was one of the most influential factors in choosing Now Sapphire. We loved working with him and he really helped us bring all the details together for the wedding.” – Lisa

Del Sol: What’s your top destination wedding advice?

“Make a list of your must-haves and priorities for the wedding and focus on those. Try to not to get consumed with all the other details so that you can focus on having fun and enjoying the experience. Leverage your friends and family and delegate as many tasks as you can. Setup them up for success so that you have less things you need to coordinate and do yourself.”


Principal Photographer: Valeria

Second Photographer: Polly

Destination Wedding Location: Now Sapphire Beach

Wedding Reception Location: Now Sapphire Tequila Terrace

Hair and Make Up: Sara Tamargo

Wedding Dress – Willowby by Watters Gown

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