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Guadalupe Chapel Xcaret Park Wedding – Delilah and Anil

One of the most amazing destination wedding venues in Mexico has to be the Guadalupe Chapel of Xcaret Park. The vast cavern is a cenote with water surrounding the altar. A giant, carved ceiba tree, revered by the ancient Maya’s as a bridge to the heavens hangs above. Depending the stars of the chapel towards the cenote altar you are transported to a magical realm of ancient ceremony.

Delilah and Anil found Del Sol Photography during their research for a Church destination wedding location in the Riviera Maya. After seeing a photograph of the Xcaret Chapel on the Del Sol Instagram they reached out and charmed Co-Founder Matt Adcock into their wedding being one of the exclusive few he chooses to cover each year.

“I often see unique and interesting ceremony locations. However the Guadalupe Chapel of Xcaret has to be one of the most epic spots ever to document a love story” – Matt Adcock

“Everything is of historical or symbolic significance and with the details of Xcaret, everything seems above and beyond expectation. I love how I feel as if they have entered another world when I review the team’s shots during the ceremony. One of my favorite sequences to photograph at this wedding was the processional and grand entrance of the bride, seen from so many angles, and advantage with 3 cameras working the same moment!”

“When Anil and I first saw Xcaret, we were speechless and in awe. We immediately knew this is where we wanted our family and friends to come and spend our special day with us. Our experience at Xcaret was truly one of a kind and amazing. We were married, partied, and celebrated in a cenote.” – Delilah

“Our guests never knew they were going to a wedding at Xcaret let alone a cenote. To hear of their experience after the fact has been so fun and exciting for Anil and I.”

“The staff at Xcaret were extremely accommodating and overly attentive to our needs. Anil and I each had our own personal waiters who literally followed us everywhere we went and anticipated all of our needs. We have never seen that in any wedding in our lives and felt like royalty because of it.”

“The most amazing moment of my wedding day was when my father and I were standing behind the doors prior to our entrance.” – Delilah

“Standing with my father to marry my best friend was an amazing moment for me as I had always imagined him giving my hand away to Anil. The doors opened while a string quartet version of Sam Smith’s “Latch” was playing. I saw two bats fly across and looked down to see my handsome best friend and love of my life waiting for me. That entire moment felt so right and so amazing. I wish I could relive that same moment over and over. ”

Del Sol: Talk to us about some of the most meaningful moments of your day:

“Something very touching to us is how Anil’s mother always tells us that “Old is Gold”.” – Delilah

“This set the tone for the color scheme of our wedding where Gold was pretty much the top color and was displayed almost in every aspect of our wedding. We wanted our family to know they were surrounded by our love.”

“Another touching part of our day was when our families and friends delivered their speeches. All of their speeches touched our hearts and we still think and tear up to them till this day.”

Anil: “We are great doggie parents and Delilah knew how sad I was that my little furson Dexter couldn’t be part of our day. While getting ready my best man, Dirhen, presented me with a letter that was written by my wife on behalf of Dexter telling me how he wished he could be there.”

“I received a pair of cufflinks with Dexter’s face on them so that he will be with me throughout my wedding day. These cufflinks absolutely melted my heart. Besides seeing my bride for the first time, it was one of the happiest moments for me that day. ” – Anil

Delilah: Through months and months of planning, I told Anil how badly I wanted a videographer to capture live footage of one of the best days of our lives, family, and friends. We have a beautiful love story and I wanted to relive that day and watch our video over and over. Anil told me it was not in the budget.”

“I must have bugged and begged him over one million times. On the day of our wedding I walked into our hotel room to find Matt, his team, and the videographer team. Anil wrote me a beautiful letter explaining how he booked the videographer team as a surprise to me from day one of my bugging and begging.”

“He knew I would love a memory over an item any day.” – Delilah

Del Sol: How was your experience with Matt and the Del Sol Team?

Anil: “The entire Del Sol team made this process such an exciting adventure. The professionalism and effort they’ve given us has given us memories for a lifetime.”

Delilah: “We met with Matt in Playa del Carmen at a local Starbucks to discuss “business and pricing”. Well, out of a 3 hour meet with Matt, we discussed business and pricing for about 20 minutes or less. The rest of the time we spent talking with Matt about life and philosophy. We felt at ease about our future pictures from that meeting on.”

“We knew we were getting the best quality and most humbling photography team out there. At times Matt has personally called us to help us get through bumps in our wedding planning that had nothing to do with photography. The whole team made us feel like friends discussing all kinds of things from abroad. They never made use feel like just another business to them.”

“The day of the wedding, I was so happy to see the team. At the altar, Anil and I were whispering to each other on how the Del Sol team was literally in every corner of the church in the most awkward spots that they can put themselves in just to get a great picture of us.”

Del Sol: Why did you decide on a destination wedding?

Delilah: “We are high school sweethearts whose love has grown stronger and stronger over the past 18 years. Family and traveling are large parts of our lives and we thought, what better way to celebrate our love of 18 years and counting, abroad.”

“Our family and friends joining us on our special day meant the world to us. We also wanted to spend days and days on vacation with our family and friends versus a few hours in a day.”

“Having a destination wedding is fun, exciting, adventurous and gives our closest loves ones something amazing to look forward to. We were excited to plan together and always thought how our wedding was the biggest step in our relationship; a destination wedding just made it more amazing.” #TravelForLove

Principal Photographer: Matt

Second Photographer: Martina

Wedding Location : Xcaret Park 

Wedding Coordinator: Angie Cardenas

Decoration: Events Eurofia – Vera

OH… Our photo of the Guadalupe Chapel was featured in Huffington post’s article 24 Wedding Ceremony Spaces That Make A Magical First Impression

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