Riviera Maya Boudoir Photography

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“LOVE being a Woman, LOVE photographing our kind” – Sol

As an artist I get inspired by beauty, and I feel grateful to have an eye for it. I see it in Mother Nature, in humans, in life, in women! Women are magical, curves and sexiness that adorns earth, that gives love, and life.  This is why I love Riviera Maya Boudoir Photography.

Doing a boudoir session is an opportunity to remind a woman that she’s a goddess, she has the power to inspire others with her smile, with the way she moves, with the “wink of an eye”. I look for what makes her special, for her best side, for the unique features that make her who she is. Love to have fun, make them smile, and show her body with pride.

Working with Marie was very exciting, not only for her obvious beauty, but because she is a boudoir photographer, so I knew, she knew…We danced with the waves of the ocean, the seagull friends, and created other sexy images (for the hubby’s eyes only)  in the amazing Viceroy Villa.

I’m so happy she gave this gift to her husband. It is in the details, surprises and continuous reminders of love that couples appreciate each other. They are coming back this year for a vow renewal and I’m so looking forward to do a “couples boudoir”. Send me more of the sexiness!!!  I ADORE!

GRACIAS to Matie and for the amazing comments and feedback about us, and for the great advice for other women thinking of doing a boudoir session! – Sol

Why did you decide to do a boudoir session with Sol?

I am a photographer, and boudoir is my specialty. My husband has always wanted me to have a boudoir photo session of my own, and I thought it would be a great idea to have one while I was on a “girls-trip” in Playa Del Carmen!

Our hotel was on the beach, and had a private villa, and I knew it would be the perfect setting for a boudoir and beach bikini session. I researched online for a boudoir photographer in Playa/Cancun. I saw a few that specialized in boudoir, but I was not convinced that they were the photographer for me.

When I saw Del Sol Photography’s website, I immediately thought “WOW! Such beautiful work, but I wonder if they would do boudoir?”. There were a few sessions posted on their website that were bikini sexy, and I knew I had found the right photographer. Sol was available on the date that I wanted, and I was happy to have her and Polly be my photographers.

What do you like about Sol and her work?

Sol’s work is amazing (the entire team has an amazing portfolio), and very artistic! Flawless!

Working with Sol is like having the sun hug you and wrap you in warmth. She has one of the best personalities of anyone I’ve ever met! She’s energetic, spontaneous, adventurous, and a true artist.

She’s a little ball of energy and I wish I could be around her every day! 

How did you feel being the model instead of the photographer and  letting another artist take control?

I loved being a model for the day! My day started at 4:00 am for hair and make-up, and honestly they did such an amazing job! My eyes, oh my gosh, beautiful!  It was great getting direction on posing from Sol. She had great idea, and the end results of the images are breath-taking. 

Was it just like you imagined or were you surprised how you felt to be on the other side of the lens?

It was better than I had imagined, and I already had very high expectations, so that says a lot! Sol and Polly made me feel like a goddess! I trusted her so much, and everything she wanted to do.  I loved how they did anything to make me smile, laugh, and dance! They were both so amazing to work with!

What advice would you give to some one thinking about doing a boudoir shoot, from both your point of view as a photographer and as a model?

Doing a boudoir photo session is such an amazing experience. From my “photographer” view, it’s for every woman, any size/shape, old/young, there are no limits. If it’s something you are considering, you should absolutely do it! Don’t worry about the flaws that you *think* are there, and just go and enjoy yourself! It’s so fun!

From my “client” view: I honestly have looked over my pictures, and I absolutely love them! I want to show them off to everyone because I look so amazing and had so much fun doing the session. I was not nervous at all, because I truly knew that Sol was going to take amazing images, and I trusted her vision.

I am a mom with two children, I’m in my 30’s, and I have flaws that I see everyday in the mirror. All woman need to remember that other people do not see those flaws! It’s an amazing to see yourself the way your husband sees you! 

What was your husband’s reaction to your amazing pictures? Does he think it is a pretty awesome gift for a wife to give her husband?!

He LOVES them! I was really trying to keep the photo shoot a surprise, but after I saw my first “sneak peak” image on Sol’s instagram, I knew that there would be no way to keep these to myself (since our 10 year anniversary was still MONTHS away).

I showed him the sneak peak the night I got back from mexico and watched his jaw drop.  He then said “there’s more, right???” Almost every day he asked me if my pictures were ready yet. Sol captured my beauty, curves, and sexiness, and I ADORE her for that! 

Principal photographer: Sol
Assistant photographer: Polly
Venue: Viceroy Riviera Maya
Makeup Artist: Sara Tamargo