Now Sapphire Beach Wedding – Ashleigh and Tyler

Ashleigh and Tyler tied the knot at the Now Sapphire with a beach ceremony, surrounded by their nearest and dearest. Both are nurses and you can really sense their compassionate natures and the love they share with everyone around them.

Ashleigh and Tyler followed the wedding day custom of exchanging gifts, traditionally these should be something built to last – as a metaphor for your marriage, of course! A classy watch and delicate engraved jewelry were lovely gifts but Tyler’s note is the proof that this couple really understand each other:

“I wanted to get you something to symbolize and remind you of today forever… Or until you misplace it, I know you!” 

now that is love!

The beach ceremony was at the perfect time of afternoon, with “magic hour” light that photographers’ dreams are made of.  The soft golden glow and Ashleigh and Tyler’s gentle touches and smiles made for a delightful ceremony.

We send all our love to Ashleigh and Tyler, may your marriage be as wonderful as your wedding day!

Principal photographer:  Del Sol Associate

Venue: Now Sapphire beach wedding

Wedding coordinator: Anel Torres