Riviera Maya Mermaid Adventure – Ping + Mai

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  • Riviera Maya cenote #Aworldofitsown

A tour into the jungle, we wanted to look for a mermaid in one of our local cenotes of the Riviera Maya Mexico #Aworldofitsown

The day began in a hidden cave, with the traditional copal smoke filling the space, it looked like a magical wonder! Ping was like a porcelain doll, incredible skin and features and with a frothy skirt on her gown that was perfect for underwater shots.  Mai was strong and manly, the contrast against her delicacy was amazing and the tenderness between the couple was a joy to watch. Mai loves his cigars and Sol found an “eco-friendly” way to incorporate this love into the shoot (trade secrets, shhh!) Ping brought along a mermaid’s tail and after changing out of her bridal gown and into the tail, she was transformed!

Sol was there to capture the magic and she shared her thoughts with us:

Making dreams come true! Ping couldn’t swim and she was afraid of being underwater but she dreamed of being a mermaid. Magical things happen in the underworld and she became the mermaid bride she wished for!  Mai loves cigars so we did an “eco-friendly” smoke fantasy underwater. Gracias for everything amigos!

We love seeing people overcome their fears to create art, watching non-swimmer Ping embrace her inner mermaid with the support of Ping by her side was absolutely priceless.

Principal photographer: Sol


3 replies
  1. Navin
    Navin says:

    You guys are always amaze me with your ever evolving ideas of shooting.

    For god’s sake, I feel jealous why we don’t have such type of clients here in India

    You ROCK Del Sol

    • Matt Adcock
      Matt Adcock says:

      Thanks Navin. I’m sure there are clients there who would be daring to try something like this… you must find them! Cheers and thanks for the kind words.

  2. Elona
    Elona says:

    Such a beautiful fantasy come true! The photographic artwork is amazing! Thanks so much!

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